New teaching facility for Swansea School

Bishopston Comprehensive School - Swansea

Construction of a brand new special teaching facility (STF) for Bishopston Comprehensive School in Swansea has reached completion.

Work began on the STF project in March 2012 and reached completion in November 2012. The project was implemented by the City & County of Swansea, who were also the main contractor and designers of the project.

Discussing the importance of the new STF, City & County of Swansea, Architectural Technician, Edwin Kavanagh, said:

“The STF atBishopstonComprehensiveSchoolis an integrated element of the main school site, but is separate enough that it can become a standalone unit. The new building was designed specifically for students who have special teaching requirements, and although they will be part of the mainstream education system they perhaps require a little extra attention and help along the way.

“Over the past few years inSwanseawe have been building quite a number of these STF, but this is the first one located to serve the west ofSwansea.”

The STF is a single-storey, free-standing structure, measuring approximately 255 sq metres. The building was constructed using traditional methods of brick and block work, with UPVC windows, aluminium doors, carpet and vinyl floor coverings and suspended ceilings.

The building was fully decorated and to complete the project landscaping work took place on the site, including the installation of new turf and associated trees and shrubs around the perimeter of the development.

Bishopston Comprehensive School- Swansea

The new STF building is divided into two classrooms, separated by a central corridor. Each of the classrooms contains a withdrawal room, which is an area that provides a one-to-one teaching zone, whilst the remainder of the classrooms have computer workstations with interactive whiteboards in addition to traditional teaching fittings.

To further facilitate the standalone elements of the STF a kitchen sits along the central corridor, between both classrooms. The kitchen can be used to prepare meals but can also be used as a teaching area for students and has a dining area.

Whilst work was conducted on the project,BishopstonComprehensiveSchoolremained fully operational.

Edwin said:

“The school was very cooperative throughout the construction process and we had a great relationship with them. The site was confined but we organised site deliveries so that work would not interrupt the school or students.

“We kept all the work on the project in-house and it was great for the City & County of Swansea to be able to provide a facility like this for the local area. Now that work is complete on the project the new STF atBishopstonComprehensiveSchoolis being managed by the council and will provide a tremendous boost for the local community.”

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