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Improving the University of Essex

As part of a £250 million investment programme to modernise and improve facilities, the University of Essex is currently undertaking works to update its existing Wivenhoe Campus.

As part of the programme, Phelan Construction has secured a £750,000 measured term contract to provide building refurbishment and maintenance services over a three year period.

All of the work that is taking place on the Wivenhoe Park Campus is being carefully co-ordinated with staff to avoid interruption to the academic programme and some of the noisier operations are being undertaken out of hours.

Describing the works that are taking place, Ian Hack, Building Surveyor for the University of Essex, said:

“There are two main building departments working on the site. One is the Maintenance Department – which is what I am involved with – and we deal with maintaining the upkeep of the existing facilities. Meanwhile, the other department is the Capital and Development Department and this department deals with the major projects that are taking place around the campus.

“The maintenance work that is being undertaken on the university campus is a mix of planned and urgently required schemes. We submit plans which cover a range of works, from concrete cleaning and repairs, to corridor refurbishments and drainage works. We are currently completing a few low-key schemes which include the refurbishment of toilet facilities and office spaces.

“On the maintenance side of the works these projects are major improvements to enhance the site. The Capital and Development Department however is currently dealing with a number of projects which are either on-site at the moment or are gearing up to begin shortly. These projects include the installation of a new multi-decked car park and the creation of a new business centre.

“One of the major projects was the conversion of Wivenhoe House into a boutique hotel.”

Ian Hack added:

“The work that is being conducted on the site is very important for the day-to-day upkeep of the University, so it is vital that there are plans in place. We have in-house joiners and builders who respond to repairs on a daily basis and the aim is always to ensure that the Campus look its best. This maintenance work sits perfectly alongside the work conducted by the Capital and Development Department, who conduct new schemes to enhance the University.

“Throughout all of the work conducted on the Wivenhoe Park Campus we plan the timeframe of our work, we introduce health and safety measures and we always work hard to reduce the impact that the scheme has on student life.”

A company involved with the improvement works on the University of Essex’s Wivenhoe Park Campus is specialist mastic jointing contractor, Hunts Mastics Ltd.

Hunts Mastics Ltd Co-Owner, Keith Hunt, said:

“Based in Halstead, Essex, Hunts Mastics has been in operation since 1980. We are mastic jointing specialists, specialising in all aspects of mastic jointing work. This work ranges from doors and windows to the internal silicon for bars and kitchens.

“We started working with the University of Essex three years ago and we value our continued working relationship with the site.”

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