Chapman Ventilation: Forty Years of Design and Build

Starting life in 1967, Chapman Ventilation has established a reputation as one of the leading heating, ventilation and […]

Chapman Ventilation

Starting life in 1967, Chapman Ventilation has established a reputation as one of the leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors in the restaurant industry.

Supplying bespoke, energy-efficient systems to restaurants across the UK, Chapman Ventilation specialises in delivering entire HVAC solutions often in particularly challenging circumstances, overseeing the project from concept to completion.

With over forty years’ experience working hand-in-hand with restaurants and businesses it’s easy to see how Chapman Ventilation has amassed such a high-profile client base. From flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken specialists Nando’s and fast-casual behemoth The Restaurant Group, to some of London’s premier meaty monoliths Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue and Barbecoa, Chapman Ventilation’s work can be seen in restaurants across the UK.

Back in 2010, Chapman Ventilation worked on Barbecoa, a barbecue restaurant from chefs Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang. To date the restaurant remains one of the most challenging projects that the company has ever undertaken.

David Chapman, Chapman Ventilation Ltd. Commercial Director, said:

“Barbecoa is located next to St Paul’s in London, so is situated within a very prestigious area of the city. Out of all the projects that we have undertaken, Barbecoa was certainly one of the most challenging, which made it a very memorable site for us.

Chapman Ventilation

“As the restaurant included live cooking fuel we had to look at the circulation of the air in the building, in order for us to create the perfect balance between food preparation and customer comfort. Our aim was to ensure that we could extract enough air so that the restaurant was not filled with smoke, yet at the same time make the site comfortable for diners.

“Despite the challenges we achieved our goal and the restaurant continues to be a very successful venture.”

Since then, Chapman Ventilation has continued to work on high-profile projects, particularly in sensitive locations. Recent projects include Hawksmoor Air Street, the fourth site from Will Beckett and Huw Gott, and Zoilo in Duke Street.

Discussing Zoilo, Sales Director Nigel Atkinson said:

“We were introduced to the Zolio early in the development stages of this second site, so we helped with the planning permission, we undertook the design development work and then we helped with the build.”

In addition to its packed portfolio of projects, Chapman Ventilation continues to take on new and varied projects with current works including a private development in Scotland called Kinross House, and a brand new two-storey restaurant for D&D in Leeds.

Chapman Ventilation

The restaurant is Chapman Ventilation’s first work for D&D and their first site in the UK outside of London. It’s currently on course, with the project scheduled for hand over in February 2013.

Nigel said:

“We have been very successful in the high street retail sector – an area which has shown remarkable growth over the last few years – and this has helped us to develop as a business.

“All of the experience that we gain from working on high street outlets feeds through to our work on high-end, chef led projects, which brings our work back full circle.

“It is great to be involved with sites such as this new restaurant for D&D and once complete it will join the high calibre of projects that we already have in our portfolio.”

David added:

“Without the work that we do a restaurant simply cannot trade, so our role in helping a site reach its full potential is vital. For us at Chapman Ventilation Ltd it is great to be trusted by our clients and this is something that we really value.

Chapman Ventilation

“We also take great pride in our high levels of customer service and this is an area of the business which we take very seriously. Our aim is to always deliver the correct solutions for each individual and we are always looking at new concepts for our future development.”

For more information about Chapman Ventilation and their current client portfolio, please visit: www.chapmanventilation.co.uk

Chapman Ventilation

 SK Sales Ltd

Since 1989, SK Sales Ltd has specialised in the supply of ventilation, air conditioning and heating products for use in the construction industry. SK Sales Ltd has supplied equipment to clients working on many projects and most recently the company has completed work on Wembley Stadium, the F.A HQ, The Royal Albert Hall, The Shard and various Olympic venues, amongst other projects.

In 1997, SK Sales located its branch in Welwyn Garden City based in part on the work that it was undertaking for Chapman Ventilation.

SK Sales Ltd Branch Manager, Ross Murphy, said:

“Chapman Ventilation are one of our biggest customers and have been for almost 15 years. The company’s reputation is second to none for what they do, and for us it is important to be able to continue the local supply chain.

“We located our branch in Welwyn Garden City based partly on the pursuit of work from Chapman Ventilation.”

Ross added:

“Our company as a whole prides itself on our service levels and being a one stop shop for all customers.”

RHF Fans Ltd

RHF Fans Ltd is a leading UK industrial fan manufacturer of axial and centrifugal industrial fans with sizes ranging from 250mm to 2400mm and powers from 0.18 to 650kW. The company has a range of over 20,000 fans and all of its products are designed, tested and manufactured in Manchester.

RHF Fans Ltd has a worldwide client base and as its range of products is so diverse the company supply all industries and applications.

Mark Higgins, RHF Fans Ltd, said:

“We have worked closely with Chapman Ventilation for over nine years, manufacturing the main kitchen extract fan on each of their installations. We alter our selections to suit the individual site’s criteria and continue to work closely with Chapman’s to provide a service that goes from fan design through to after sales.

“Chapman Ventilation is a significant customer of RHF Fans Ltd, and as the relationship has evolved we have gained a great understanding of each other’s requirements. We also share an ethos of premium customer service.”

Mark added:

“At RHF Fans Ltd, we pride ourselves in being a technology led manufacturer. We have worked for many years on energy reduction in fans and have developed our range of ‘Smoothflow’ fans – which are supplied to Chapman Ventilation – to offer optimum efficiency. The fans provide higher efficiency, lower absorbed powers and in turn reduce energy bills for the end user and lower the environmental impact.

“We have won awards for this design going back as far as 2005 and are pleased that European legislation setting minimum Fan Motor Efficiency Grades is finally being progressively introduced in 2013 and 2015.”


Lindab is the UK’s leading supplier of spiral ductwork and components with state-of-the-art production facilities in Britain, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Lindab’s tried & trusted safe ducting system provides a tape and sealant free kitchen extract ductwork system which is highly temperature and grease tolerant, simplifying ductwork cleaning and virtually eliminating leakage. Fans are also a major part of Lindab’s portfolio with an off the shelf offering of products for all commercial kitchen applications available via our nationwide branch network.

Lindab Ltd have been supplying Chapman Ventilation Ltd with ducting & fans for many years and are pleased to be a trusted part of their supply chain.

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