Check in and Tune in to a new hotel experience

The hotel brand which offers ‘a five star sleeping experience at a one star price’ has now arrived in the Scottish Capital.

Much like a budget airline, that transports you from A to B without all the frills and inflated prices, Tune Hotels offer guests all they need at a low cost. The brand is unified by five key principles – to offer guests five star beds, a power shower, central location, a clean environment and 24 hour security all at an affordable price.

You will soon be able to Tune in across the globe to this new hotel experience as the plan is to expand the portfolio to nearly 600 hotels by 2013, from Australia to India and beyond.

One of the first in the UK rollout of the brand was the Edinburgh Tune Hotel, which was opened in late December.

Located centrally and only a 15 minutes’ walk from Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street, the hotel resides in Haymarket House.

The building had sadly become a dilapidated 1960’s eyesore – the austere and brutal design of the original concrete office block existed uncomfortably within the World Heritage Area that surrounded it.

With the redevelopment, it gave Ica Architects the opportunity to duly address the design issues so that the building would connect more harmoniously with its neighbours.

The concrete ‘moat’ which separated the building from the street was replaced with a new retail space at the ground level and the building was also re-clad with natural stone and glass. As a result the hotel now sits more comfortably in its local streetscape.

Ica Architects are also now working on a number of other Tune Hotel developments, including the recently completed venue at London Kings Cross.

The building was not only transformed externally, but also internally as Caledonian Bathroom Pods expertly fitted all the bathroom pods within the hotel. The company which has over 10 years’ experience manufacturing modular buildings and bathroom pods has supplied various markets including Student Accommodation, Hotels, Education Buildings, MOD, Custodial and residential buildings.

Planning permission has now further been obtained for several more hotels across the UK, including one in Birmingham and one in Newcastle.

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