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Works nearing completion at Ridgeway Primary Academy

Celebrating their 40th anniversary last year, Ridgeway Primary has proudly been educating the residents of Market Harborough for generations.

As of last summer the school became an academy and has since been undergoing major building works to upgrade current facilities and replace mobile classrooms.

The academy now has a shower area, an extended first aid room and the library has been moved into the studio so that whole classes can use the facility.

Building works to replace the mobile facilities began in October last year and are now entering their final stages, with builders currently concentrating on the internal building work. It has been decided that the Upper Junior classes will be housed in the new build from September.

Inevitably disruption has been caused during the last school year as there has been increased congestion at the beginning and end of the day. This has been in addition to the grassed area at the front of the school becoming part of the building compound, meaning that pedestrian access to the school has also been restricted.

In order to combat reduced playground space the academy introduced a staggered lunchtime to ensure that the younger children still had the space and time to play outside.

Speaking about the works being carried out, Headteacher David Fox said: “I want to thank parents for their continued co-operation at the beginning and end of the day. The building work has made the school more congested but is now well underway. As well as the new building we expect to have a ball court created (on the area that used to house the double mobile) and a new Foundation Stage outside area, so I am sure that it will be worth the wait!”

David added: “Here at Ridgeway, we believe that each child is important as an individual and we strive to help each child reach his/her full potential in a secure, disciplined and caring environment.”

Leicestershire County Council’s in house architects have provided the designs for the new build, whilst Will Dickinson is the main contractor on the development.

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