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With more than 20 years experience, Piperhill Construction has built up a reputation within the construction industry […]

Piperhill Construction

With more than 20 years experience, Piperhill Construction has built up a reputation within the construction industry for its high quality workmanship. From the education sector through to healthcare and private developments, Piperhill Construction works across a broad range of projects.

Over the past few years Piperhill Construction has built up an excellent portfolio of projects within the hospitality sector, including three landmark sites for The Maybourne Hotel Group – Claridge’s, The Connaught Hotel and Berkeley Hotel. Premier Hospitality caught up with Piperhill Construction Co-Director, Kevin Osborne, to discuss these restoration and refurbishment projects, and the important part they play in the company’s future development.

Piperhill Construction

Explaining the company’s progression into restoration and refurbishment works for the hospitality sector, Kevin said:

“We started out working on a number of refurbishment projects for both the National Trust and English Heritage and this line of work led to our involvement on further restoration projects. Over the course of time we have continued to develop our skills to match exactly what is required on each different schemes and this has put us in a great position where we can work on some very important sites.

Piperhill Construction

“Claridge’s is one of these landmark sites, with our most recent work focusing on refurbishment of the Linley and Art Deco suites.”

Each new Linley Suite at Claridge’s has its own distinct colour palette of dove greys, soft yellow and powder blues, and boast the most luxurious fabrics and woodwork. Original Art Deco features, such as glass, silver fireplaces, clocks and wall lights, have been restored and in certain places have become the focal point of the suite.

“We have worked on Claridge’s for the past two years, and this year saw us complete the third phase of works for the hotel,” said Kevin. “The work was conducted whilst the hotel was fully operational, so all our work had to be completed without causing any disruption to guests.

“We took the rooms back to the original structure and then installed new elements, including new mechanical and electrical installations, new floor, wall and ceiling finishes and new fixed and loose furniture.”

Piperhill Construction

Kevin added:

“We are proud to be associated with Claridge’s and it demonstrates exactly what we can do. The standards set by Claridge’s are extremely high and we do our best to exceed that standard each and every time we work at the hotel.

“Claridge’s only wants its suites out of use for a set period of time, so if we discover problems during the project we work around the clock to keep the work on schedule. We don’t take time off until the job is complete.”

Following on from Claridge’s, Piperhill Construction worked on a similar, if slightly smaller project for The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.

Kevin commented:

“We refurbished two rooms for The Connaught Hotel; the restaurant and the grill room. All of our projects are equally important to us.”

Piperhill Construction

Kevin added:

“The final site we worked on for The Maybourne Hotel Group was The Berkeley Hotel, which saw us work alongside Robert Angell Design Studio.”

The Berkeley Hotel is a luxurious 5 star hotel, renowned for its elegance and style. Situated on Wilton Place, The Berkeley is a family friendly hotel which has stood in Knightsbridge for more than 100 years.

Piperhill Construction has worked with the hotel for the past three years and its most recent work was the creation of new Balcony King Rooms, which are situated high above the rooftops of London. Not only do the newly refurbished rooms look fantastic, they also benefit from breathtaking views which stretch out across the capital’s superb skyline.

“Similar to Claridge’s we stripped the rooms back to the structure and began again,” said Kevin. “We approached the site with a similar principle to Claridge’s. We do whatever it takes to meet the deadlines, but never at the expense of quality.

Piperhill Construction

“This is our third year working with The Berkeley Hotel, which demonstrates the level of trust the hotel has in Piperhill Construction to get the job done.”

Over the past two decades, Piperhill Construction has built up some great working relationships with its clients and in the face of the recent economic climate these relationships have become essential for driving businesses forward.

“We have become very aware that we are gaining repeat business because we can react to our clients needs and this is extremely important to us. We have always had a big focus on getting the work completed within set timeframes and our longstanding clients know this,” said Kevin.

In addition to the recent hotel projects, Piperhill Construction has also been keeping busy with a selection of private residential schemes, including 22 Broom House Road and 36 Brompton Square. 22 Broom House Road comprised the refurbishment of a four-storey townhouse, with basement excavation, whilst 36 Brompton Square was a complete refurbishment of the property.

Piperhill Construction

“The main difference between working on a hotel and working on a private house is that we are usually just dealing with one person’s vision for what they want. This is their dream house, so the finished job is about appealing to an individual and not a larger demographic,” said Kevin. “However, no matter the size of the project, Piperhill Construction is more than capable of tackling each job.

“At Piperhill Construction we have the key personnel and the skills to conduct all restoration works in line with guidelines and expectations. Often we are working with elements of a building that can’t be replaced, so we have to ensure that these aspects of the building are restored in the best way possible, always remaining sympathetic to the original design.”

Piperhill Construction

Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of the business and building upon its vast experience, Piperhill Construction continues to raise the bar in the construction industry. With yet more projects on the horizon and with existing working relationships continuing to strengthen there is no stopping Piperhill Construction as it looks to the future.

For more information about Piperhill Construction please visit: www.piperhillconstruction.com.

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