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Crossness Sewage Works gets major investment

Crossness Sewage Treatment Works

 Scheduled for completion early next year, the £220 million redevelopment of Crossness Sewage Works is progressing well.

 In operation since 1865, the site is the UK’s second largest and Europe’s third and currently serves two million Londoners. This major investment is set to significantly reduce the amount of storm sewage that overflows into the River Thames during heavy rainfall.

 Contracts Project Delivery Manager, Tim Hockney said: “With these improvements we will process 44% more storm flow and around 14 tonnes of sewage per second.

 “The project has involved a lot of civil engineering and mechanical and electrical installations; there are also pretty complicated processes and power monitoring systems.

 “I am very proud of our team achieving 1.5 million working man hours without any reportable accidents; we have achieved this through working in partnership with the main contractors and it really is a fantastic achievement.”

 The project will also include the installation of a wind turbine that will help generate up to half the energy needed to power the site when combined with the energy generated from processing sewage sludge.

 At 78.5 metres hub height, the wind turbine will be capable of powering 1,300 homes – will be the first ever to power a major British sewage works.

 The upgrade at Crossness will also see new odour-controlled treatment processes and environmental enhancements.

 Enhancement work is also taking place at Crossness Nature Reserve and the Southern Marshes – including creating a suitable habitat for water voles and birds.

Crossness Sewage Treatment Works

 Tim described the ecological works as a significant challenge to the development, he said: “A large part of the challenge has been ecological; there is an enormous amount of wild life in and around the plant. So we have spent about £1million in preserving and extending that area.”

 JK Fabrications Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, supply & installation of process pipework and equipment for the water and wastewater treatment industry. On the Crossness project, JK Fabrications was employed on two separate contracts.

One contract was the refurbishment of the existing Inlet pumping station, which involved the removal of 12 existing vertical shaft pumps, valves, actuators and pipework and the installation of 13 new dry well submersible pumps, valves and pipework.

The second contract was the mechanical installation of the process pipework, plant and equipment. On this contract, JK Fabrications was responsible for the position and fix of process plant and the provision of all interconnecting pipework to Thames Water specification.  Included within this contract was the manufacture and supply of pipework in both stainless steel and epoxy coated carbon steel.”

JK Fabrications General Manager, Colum McKeever, said:

“This was an excellent opportunity for our company to display our expertise to two major established contractors within the construction industry. The complexity of working within an existing pumping station, which remained operational throughout, was challenging but through effective planning and teamwork the successful completion of this contract is imminent. It also allowed us to demonstrate our flexibility to work with the main contractor to achieve the common goals set out.”

The development at Crossness is part of a wider £675million investment by Thames Water into the capital’s sewage works.

 Other sites to receive investment are Mogden Sewage Treatment Works in west London which is to extend sewage treatment capacity by 50 per cent at a cost of £140million. A £40m upgrade at Long Reach Sewage Works in Dartford, an £85m upgrade at Riverside Sewage Works in east London and a £190m upgrade at Beckton Sewage Treatment.

Stainless Steel pipes, fittings and flanges specialists DH Stainless Ltd has supplied the bulk order of stainless steel pipe and fittings for both the Crossness and Beckton projects, worth approx £ 1.5m.

Commenting on their involvement with the Thames Water projects, Dugald Craig, of DH Stainless Ltd, commented:

“It is one of the largest most prestigious water industry projects in the UK and it is one our main market sectors.”

The upgrades are part of a three pronged plan to address the current problems facing London’s sewer works. In line with the recommendations of the Thames Tideway Strategic Study, Thames Water will in addition to the £675m investment mentioned above, be investing in the Lee Tunnel and Thames Tideway Tunnel.

The Lee Tunnel is the first of two tunnels, which will collectively capture an average of 39 million tonnes of sewage a year from the 35 most polluting combined sewer overflows (CSOs), built by the Victorians as part of a sewerage network that still serves London 150 years on.

The £635m tunnel will tackle discharges from London’s largest CSO at Abbey Mills Pumping Station in Stratford, which accounts for 40 per cent of the total discharge.

The four-mile tunnel will run beneath the London Borough of Newham from Abbey Mills to Beckton.

It will help prevent more than 16 million tonnes of sewage mixed with rainwater overflowing into the River Lee each year, by capturing it and transferring it to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works, which is being expanded by 60 per cent to enable it to deal with the increased volumes.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a sewer the width of three London buses, which will run up to 20 miles from west to east London, up to 75 metres below ground, broadly following the route of the River Thames.

It will connect up to the 34 most polluting sewer overflows, as identified by the Environment Agency, to capture sewage which would otherwise spill into the River Thames, before transferring it to our Beckton sewage works to be treated.

Crossness Sewage Treatment Works


 Aquaflow supplied a comprehensive valve package to Crossness at the Thames Water site, consisting of over 250 valves ranging in size from 100mm to 900mm. The package comprised of a selection of products from their range including manual wedge gate valves, actuated wedge gate valves, swing check valves, air valves, pinch valves, butterfly valves and operating equipment.

Aquaflow offer cost savings through value engineering, giving appropriate product advice throughout. Aquaflow’s experienced team attend site engineering and commercial meetings and prior to delivery, the actuators are mounted, configured and functional tests are executed at its head office to ensure speedy installation and helping to reduce site resources. Also all operating equipment is fabricated to suit site specific requirements.

 Regulateurs Europa Ltd

Regulateurs Europa Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of PLC based Power Management Systems for complex MV and LV distribution systems. The company was formed in 1954 and was formally part of Paxman Diesels.

Regulateurs Europa Ltd has a long association with providing Power Management Systems for Thames Water. These have predominately been at waste water sites where gas from the process has been used for power generation and the consumption of this gas has been a key function of the PMS. Regulateurs Europa Ltd has also provided power management systems to other water utilities, banks, hospitals, airports, nuclear and telecoms projects.

Working on the Crossness project, Regulateurs Europa Ltd is modifying the existing Power Management System which was previously designed and supplied by RE in 2003. The project includes the modification of the existing Interlocking Control System, Power Management System and Mimic Panel to allow for the addition of 2no 33kV incomers, 1no 33kV switchboard, 2no 11kV switchboards and 2no standby generators. It also includes the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of new PMS Interface Panels located adjacent to the new 11kV switchboards.

Regulateurs Europa Ltd Sales Manager, Nick Mace, said:

“It was important for Regulateurs Europa to maintain its working relationship with Thames Water. This has been a long association which has resulted in a good understanding between the engineering personnel of both RE and TW which has enabled the best achievable solution to be provided for many projects and hopefully this will continue into the future.”
Nick added:

“Regulateurs Europa prides itself in developing and providing control solutions that meet very specific requirements which is achieved by working closely with our clients. These can be for complex MV and LV distribution systems and consideration for ease of monitoring and operation is always a key part of the design criteria.”

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