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Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

As one of Scandinavia’s largest convention hotels, Clarion Hotel Trondheim is a spectacular hotel, providing functionality and comfort in a fantastic setting.

Situated near the harbour in central Trondheim, the hotel is close to Rockheim – the national pop and rock expo centre – and the Pirabet water park.

This extravagant architectural landmark includes 400 hotel rooms and suites, two restaurants, a magnificent Skybar and state of the art conference facilities with a congress hall that caters for up to 1200 people. With a delicate mix of hyper modern design, spectacular shapes and innovative materials, Clarion Hotel Trondheim is a feast for both the eyes and the soul.

To complete the hotel, a 300-space car park is located underneath Clarion Hotel Trondheim.

Work began on the project in January 2011 and reached completion in May 2012. Skanska Norway was the main contractor on the hotel, whilst Bjorken Architects provided all architectural services.

Bjorken Architects was not the first architectural practice on the project, however when the problems occurred with the initial practice, the firm was brought on board to take the project forward. Keen to uncover the extent of their involvement on Clarion Hotel Trondheim, Premier Hospitality caught up with Anders Bjorken, director of Bjorken Architects, to ask him all about the project.

 Anders Bjorken, Clarion Hotel & Congress

Discussing his practice’s appointment on the project, Anders, said:

“The project was from the beginning an architectural competition to get the project. The developer wanted us to be one of the participants but we had too many projects in progress so we had to turn it down, much to the developer’s disappointment.

“The project got underway, but two days before Christmas 2011 the developer called me because they had a problem. The chosen interior architect could not deliver as promised and they wanted to release him from the contract. With a new practice required they called their favourite architect, Björkén Architects.

After a few days of considering the project we accepted and got to work. So in a record breaking short time we delivered what you see today.”

Such was Bjorken Architects’ commitment to the project they also successfully completed Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport during the same period.

Highlights of the hotel include a grand suite complete with terrace, 3,053 m² of meeting room space and a range of guest rooms, from single and double rooms to superior and deluxe.

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

There are two restaurants in the hotel, the Living Room, which is located on the 1st floor and the Skybar, located on the 9th floor. As the hotel is located within a region of Norway known for its culinary ingredients, Clarion Hotel Trondheim serves delicious dishes and bounteous buffets.

The Living Room mixes food, drink and music and presents a menu of light dishes, with a great selection of coffee. Meanwhile, the stunning Skybar includes a 190m² (2045 square feet) roof terrace, providing a view of the city and the Trondheim Fjord, and is a great place for both guests and local residents to relax.

Anders commented:

“The challenge was to give the hotel’s environment a pleasant and warm atmosphere, without any specific indications of which era it was from. In other words we wanted to make it cohabit with the exterior but with its own extravagant design. For example the bar counter in both bars is made out of water-jet cut 3 mm thick steel plates. All plates are mounted in a specific way to make the shapes asymmetrical and very interesting. The bar on the top floor was painted flat black, while the lobby bar was made from mirror polished stainless steel plates.”

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

Anders added:

“In the huge atrium we set up a ‘furniture galley’. Custom designed hand tufted carpets made a grid of stars and we chose a variety of the main European furniture brands to create the WOW factor.”

Every aspect of a hotel’s design is important as it needs to become a home-away-from-home for guests, whether they are staying at the hotel for business or pleasure. One of the key ingredients for Clarion Hotel Trondheim’s design was the lighting, as explained by Anders:

“The lighting is always something that we pay a lot of time and attention to as it really can make or break a good project. We always have a base idea of how we want our environments to be perceived and from these thoughts we start our work, often working together with a team from Flos Norway.

“I always have some wild ideas of custom made lamps – which really challenge the team – including on this project a LED pendulum which is situated above the lobby bar counter.

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway


“The pendulum is made from4000 hand stitched and folded Japanese suede ‘leaves’ attached to a base made of aluminium. Meanwhile, the bottom is made from extensor-fabric which is semi transparent and made the pendulum into a huge sculptural diffuser.”

Flos Norway AS was the main supplier of all light equipment at Clarion Hotel Trondheim. Working on the project, the company developed all the lighting plans in cooperation with Anders Björken, Spacegroup, Nordic Choice, Skanska, Vintervoll and Star Property.

Commenting on their work on the hotel, Flos Norway AS Project Manager, Fredrik Mørk, said:

“The project was important for us because of the design and architecture of the project and the great connection with Anders Björken, Spacegroup, Nordic Choice, Skanska, Vintervoll and Star Property.

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

“The target for this project was to make a great total design with focus on the interior design, the architectural design and also the technical aspect of the project. All companies mentioned worked together with a common target which resulted in a remarkable end product.”

At this year’s European Hotel Design Awards, Clarion Hotel Trondheim has been nominated within the Best Newbuild Hotel category. This is not only a fantastic achievement for the hotel, but of course this is significant recognition for Bjorken Architects.

Discussing the importance of the award nomination, Anders said:

“It means the world to us. We are a small firm, but we have an undoubted track record. We have designed more hotels than any other firm in Scandinavia – maybe in Europe – with 35 hotels and still counting! We are proud to made it this far, especially when you see the competitors.”

This is the first time that Bjorken Architects has worked on a project that has been nominated for an award, but as Anders puts it, ‘not the last.’

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

Clarion Hotels is part of Choice Group, the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region and its vision is to be creative, proud and passionate. The Group’s mission statement explains, ‘through enthusiasm, personal care and a strong shared identity, we improve everyday life for our guests and make them want to visit us again and again.’

With more than 150 hotels in its portfolio, Choice Hotels markets sites under five brands: Comfort Hotel, Quality Hotel, Quality Resort, Clarion Collection and of course Clarion. Clarion Hotels are full-service hotels, with strong personalities that strive to be different. Each hotel is designed for the inquisitive traveller who wants to be equally challenged and inspired.

For more information about Clarion Hotel Trondheim, please visit: www.clariontrondheim.com.

 Siverts Inredningar AB

Siverts Inredningar AB specialise in the manufacture of furniture, for a variety of large projects, from hotels and hospitals to public buildings and more. The company produces its own construction drawings in-house to realize the architects’ vision and all work is made to meet customer specifications.

Working on Clarion Hotel, Siverts Inredningar AB constructed and manufactured all of the fixed furniture in the rooms, which included headboards, desks, TV-Panels, wardrobes and mirrors, as well as the fixed furniture in the bar and restaurant area, including bar counters and custom made tables.

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

All the furniture was completely pre-manufactured and assembled in Siverts Inredningar AB’s factory, including pre-wired electrics with light switches and power outlets.

Discussing the project, Daniel Hansson, Siverts Inredningar AB, said:

“This project was important because the combination of its unique location and surrounding scenery, spectacular building and cutting edge interior design, made this hotel really stand out. Every aspect of this hotel was executed to the highest possible standards regarding quality and design.”

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

Daniel added:

“The hotel is a perfect example of modern Scandinavian architecture and I believe it will continue to be a landmark in the region for a long time to come. We will therefore be able to use this as a great reference of our competence to deliver big volumes of high quality furniture in the future.”

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