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New apartments for Holy Cross Priory

Holy Cross Priory retirement village is opening 20 new apartments on their four and a half acre site in Sussex.

The apartments, housed in a magnificent grade two listed building, are due to be completed by the beginning of October.

The 20 luxurious properties are available to buy despite work still being active in the Priory building. The site also houses two other buildings which have been renovated and refurbished with the aim of providing quality living environments for those who need extra care and support in their own homes.

St Mary’s building hosts another 20 purpose built apartments which are also up for sale.  Director of Care at Holy Cross Priory, Fiona Wookey, said:

“We offer sheltered housing and extra care facilities in the apartments and care home. We provide onsite domiciliary care so if people have care needs we can look after them in their own home.

“The whole concept is to try and prevent people going into residential care. The idea of the apartments is that we keep peoples independence for as long as possible before they have to move to the care home.

“There is a lot of evidence that shows these types of extra care retirement sites keep people out of hospital, due to illnesses and medical problems being detected earlier on; and as a result they live longer.”

The 20 apartments in the Priory building came into existence after Holy Cross had a reshuffle of their existing facilities. Since the 1960’s Holy Cross, which is a registered charity, was running a care home out of the grade two listed building.

The building was dilapidated, leaking and running up enormous heating bills and therefore did not meet 21st century health and safety standards. A year ago Holy Cross decided to transfer care home residents from the grade two listed building into a new care home on the site; and have since created apartments in the Priory building.

The impressive Priory building has retained all of its original features. Built in 1866 the building houses a magnificent reception with an enormous fireplace, a beautiful staircase, and large crystal bay windows.

The building also houses a communal kitchen, restaurant, function room and lounge which are available to everyone on site.

Fiona added:

“It is exciting to see people move in to the apartments in the Priory and St Mary’s building. A chap that moved in at the end of July told me he had made the right decision and he was very content.

“When people move in here it is important it is the right decision for them as it will be their last move; so helping people make that decision is important to me. The feedback from happy residents is very satisfying for me.”

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