Acorn Drive

Pembrokeshire Social Housing

Pembrokeshire Housing is mid-way through the construction of a £2.2 million social housing project that will provide 25 new homes for families in the area.

With 4000 people on Pembrokeshire Council and Pembrokeshire Housing Associations waiting list the development is much anticipated.

The housing association, which acts as a social landlord to its tenants, purchased the land off Pembrokeshire Council and is hopeful the whole site will be completed by April 2014. The site, entitled Acorn Drive, comprises a total of 25 units.

Acorn Drive includes four flats, one specialist bungalow with custom made facilities for those with disabilities, ten two bed houses and ten three bed houses. The accommodation is timber framed, has been finished with a traditional painted render finish and contains PVC windows and doors.

South Haven Construction and Lewis Partnerships have been working on the Acorn Drive development. Work off site is underway to upgrade the road and paving, as well as building additional parking spaces at the entrance of the site.

The development is progressing steadily and on one half of the site about half of properties are 90% completed internally. On the other half of the site the accommodation is only 50% internally completed and there’s still a lot to do externally.

There may be a phased handover for the section of the site that is almost complete in January 2014 which would see half the houses being released to tenants. The housing associations health and safety coordinator is happy to welcome tenants onto the site in this manner.

Peter Owen Development Officer for Pembrokeshire Housing Association said:

“The Acorn Drive development will strengthen the local community. The local county council is fully supportive of the scheme as we are going to take 25 families off the waiting list.

Pembrokeshire Social Housing

“It’s on a busy road so the local businesses will benefit by the extra people and the trade they create. The railway station is also set to benefit as tenants who do not drive will be able to commute to work.”

Pembrokeshire Housing currently has 2400 affordable properties in the area and builds solely in Pembrokeshire, for Pembrokeshire residents. They are the only developing body in Pembrokeshire that build property.

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