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Vis A Vis, Zurich

Located in the middle of Zurich’s impressive financial district, Vis A Vis restaurant has reopened its doors to the Swiss public.

The bistro bar has been refurbished and serves up a mix of traditional and modern elements of Swiss food with a French twist.

The refurbishment project began in October 2012 and reached completion in January 2013. The venue spans just one storey and is open every day from 7am to 2am the following day; serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, apperitivos and cocktails late into the evening.

The design of the venue has been masterminded by interior designers Dyer-Smith Frey. The design has been crafted to wow diners. Those entering the venue are greeted by impressive sparkling chandeliers in the entrance hall and an awesome illuminated bar area. Made from Murano Glass the chandeliers have been supplied by Murano-Lite, an online showroom consolidating handmade luxury lighting from over 30 manufacturers.

Vis A Vis, Zurich

Sub contractor Murano-Lite have worked on a plethora of projects providing lighting for private residences, bars and restaurants all over the world. These include locations in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, France, UK, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Oman, Poland, New Zealand and Australia.  

Unique murals divide the different seating areas in the venue allowing the diners privacy whilst they eat. The patterns found upon the murals can also be seen on other objects within Vis A Vis creating a sense of fluidity and consistency throughout.

Vis A Vis is a stone’s throw away from the snazzy Paradeplatz Square in downtown Zurich, home to the most expensive real estate in the country. The area is synonymous with wealth and is the home to both the UBS and Credit Suisse headquarters.

The venue is an ideal spot for business lunches, relaxed evening meals, after work drinks and exclusive parties. From Tuesday to Saturday the venue provides an evening entertainment program.

Vis A Vis, Zurich

Managing Director of Dyer-Smith Frey, Gian Frey, spoke to Premier Hospitality about how the project has been a joy to be involved in. He added:

It was a great challenge for us to build a project in such a short time as the construction time allocated was only two weeks.

The owner of the venue, Candrain Catering, is a renowned restaurateur in Zurich and for us are important clients.”

Candrian Catering AG was formed in 1999 by Martin Candrian. They own restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels in Basel and Zurich, as well as providing a catering service for events in the Zurich area. Martin Candrian comes from a family of hoteliers and hotel managers that spans four generations.           

Vis A Vis, Zurich

Vis A Vis brings a multi functional venue to the marketplace that provides a place for people to dine throughout the day. Visitors can sample a wide selection of beverages and party late into the night as well as dine. The venue is a restaurant, bar and club combined.

The bistro-bar boasts a varied selection of Swiss dishes with a French twist. Diners can sample beef tartar, weinerschnitzel – a thin, breaded, deep fried slice of veal, weisswen risotto, burrata pugliese and melonen duet; as well as a range of mouth watering desserts.

Project architect Dyer-Smith Frey was founded three years ago by Managing Director Gian Frey and Creative Director James Dyer-Smith. The company offer interior design, corporate branding and web creation services.

Vis A Vis, Zurich

The company develop tailor-made interior design concepts for clients and work on projects from conceptualisation to planning, building application and execution, right up to approval and final hand-over. The corporate branding strand of the company develops authentic brands; they have experience in logo development, image language, marketing strategy, PR planning and placement in the market. The company also assists companies wanting to improve their web presence.

Dyer-Smith Frey has played a leading role in the interior design, corporate branding and web design of many high profile projects. These include Hotel Europe’s 4* Boutique Hotel, Vis à Vis Bistro Bar, Apartment House Kappeliweg, Club Zukunft Night Club, Carlita’s Collezione Bags and Accessories and Caffe Bar Limmatfeld Panini Caffè.

Vis A Vis, Zurich


Murano-lite specialise in the supply of signature and feature lighting. Their main products are chandeliers manufactured on Murano and in the Veneto area of Italy. Working with over 30 manufacturers, the company supply standard and custom produced chandeliers to retail and interior design clients all over the world.

The company has been in operation for five years and has previously worked on a range of residential and hospitality projects worldwide; particularly centred in the Europe and Arab Gulf regions.

One recent project Murano-lite has been involved with is Vis A Vis bistro bar in Zurich. Murano-lite sourced and supplied the chandeliers for the Switzerland based venue. Murano-lite Owner Iain Coles said:

Vis A Vis, Zurich

Since we are primarily an online business it is important to be associated with high visibility projects in the hospitality industry as well as cooperating with high quality interior design companies such as Dyer-Smith Frey.”

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Iain told us about his commitment to his company Murano-lite:

Vis A Vis, Zurich

This business is not only a business, it is also a passion, despite the fact that the infrastructure and workflow of doing business with Murano-lite is online, we like to develop a personal relationship with the projects and clients and stay involved right up to the moment that our chandeliers first light up their new world.”


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