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Ember Yard

Salt Yard Group will unveil their fourth venue at the end of November.

Ember Yard will combine Italian and Spanish cuisines to introduce a brand new eclectic dining concept into the market.

The restaurant is currently under renovation and is due to be completed at the end of November. With work commencing at the end of September the venue is set for a quick turnaround.

Ember Yard follows the same broad theme as the other three restaurants within the Salt Yard Group. Salt Yard, Dehesa and Opera Tavern host a range of Italian and Spanish influenced dishes as will Ember Yard upon its opening.

The unique aspect of the Ember Yard restaurant is that most of the dishes will be cooked on the custom built charcoal grill or in the Josper charcoal oven. The introduction of charcoal flavours and smokiness into dishes is a first for restaurateurs Simon Mullins and Sanja Morris and is a step that the owners are very excited to take. The two founded Salt Yard Group in 2005 because of their shared passion for Italian and Spanish cuisine.

The venue spans two floors comprising the ground floor and basement. The ground floor will house the main dining room containing an open plan kitchen which will be an impactful feature. The kitchen will have a chef’s counter where diners can watch the cooking action taking place.

The basement will host an impressive bar area, as well as a charcuterie section where an assortment of meats will be sliced and served for diner’s enjoyment. The basement will also contain a private dining area designed for gatherings of up to 20 people.

The restaurant décor will comprise of a selection of natural materials including wood, steel, bronze, copper, brass, and stained glass. The seating arrangements will be quite eclectic comprising of low and higher seating areas.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality Simon Mullins, co founder of Salt Yard Group, said the new venture is an exciting development for the company. He added:

We are excited to be in the heart of Soho on Berwick Street, which is very much up and coming. We are excited to give the position of Head Chef at Ember Yard to our current sous chef from Salt Yard. Jacques Fourie is one of our rising stars and so we are looking forward to seeing him take the helm.”

Simon said that all venues within the Salt Yard Group brand differ in their layout and décor; having very much their own character and personality. Yet Simon stresses each restaurant can be connected through their eclectic style and innovative interior design.

One of their most popular dishes is courgette flowers; Salt Yard Group takes this Italian concept and adds a twist by stuffing the flowers with a Spanish artisan goat’s cheese. Ember Yard’s menu will play on the Spanish-Italian theme and add a new touch by cooking over charcoal.

Products like charcuterie and cheese are almost entirely sourced from Spain and Italy to retain authenticity on the menu. In many cases products are sourced locally and only if they are of the highest quality.

The wine list follows the same pattern as the menu comprising of entirely Spanish and Italian choices. There are also numerous sherries on the menu.

Simon was eager to make the interior design a feature in itself and so has sourced products from all over the world including light fittings 1920’s antiques from New York. The basement contains two vaults which are used for wine storage. The vaults have glass doors allowing diners to view the collection of wine available and also giving them the sense of being inside the cellar whilst dining.

Interior Architecture and Design studio, Macaulay Sinclair, have been in charge of making Simon Mullins vision for Ember Yard a reality. They offer a bespoke service creating handcrafted spaces for venues within the hospitality industry.

Du Boulay is the main contractors for the project and is in the process of renovating the venue. They carry out contracts in the commercial fit-out and refurbishment sector of the construction industry. Based in Wandsworth, the company has expanded its expertise and portfolio in restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs during its 35 year life span. The company also fit out offices, casinos, hotels, airport lounges, and high street multiple units.

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