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Formed in 2012, Dimension Interiors is a London-based specialist design, fit-out and furnishings company, working on both commercial and high-end residential projects. […]

Dimension Interiors

Formed in 2012, Dimension Interiors is a London-based specialist design, fit-out and furnishings company, working on both commercial and high-end residential projects.

Dimension Interiors is overseen by CEO’s John Hall and Paul Bevan and amongst its impressive portfolio of projects are the likes of The Hoxton Pony and INK LDN, as well as commercial schemes for Broadbean Technology, Phoenix Business Solutions and More 2, amongst others.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality about the development of the company, CEO of Dimension Interiors, John Hall, said:

“Initially Dimension Interiors was set up to undertake work within the commercial sector, specifically office fit-outs within the city. We were then asked to work on some residential properties for influential clients and as a result of this we moved across into the hospitality sector undertaking work on clubs and bars. We are very selective on the projects that we undertake and we have been able to work on some fantastic venues.”

Dimension Interiors

The Hoxton Pony was the first bar refurbishment undertaken by Dimension Interiors and it was a great starting point for the company as it took on the hospitality industry. The Hoxton Pony is run by brothers Gerry and Jon Calabrese and with the project completed in lightning-quick time, the transformed site re-opened to very positive feedback.

John said:

“The Hoxton Pony had been trading for a while and had been doing well, however Gerry and Jon felt that the business needed to be freshened up to keep the lively crowd buzzing. Unfortunately, when clubs and bars are closed for refurbishment it can have an adverse effect with the crowd moving on, so we were given just ten days to turn everything around, including a new acoustic ceiling, resin floors and a complete redecoration of the interior and exterior.”

The success of The Hoxton Pony led to Dimension Interiors’ tackling another of the Calabrese brothers’ projects, this time a new nightclub in Leicester Square London called INK LDN, co-owned by rapper Professor Green. The trio wanted the design of INK LDN to replicate the attitude of the East End tattoo parlours they so often frequent, so Dimension Interiors undertook daily meetings and communications with the founders to keep abreast of any changing ideas as the project developed.

Dimension Interiors

John said he had members of his team on site 24 hours a day, every day of the six-week project to bring this fantastic new venue to fruition. INK LDN hosts the artwork of reputed tattoo artists Nikole Lowe and Ibiza’s Neil Ahern on the walls with the use of many reclaimed materials being the height of conversation after visiting this new venue.

With a background in commercial work, Dimension Interiors has worked on an array of projects within the commercial sector, to include an office fit-out for Broadbean Technology in Canary Wharf through to the expansion for Phoenix Business Solutions in the City.

Dimension Interiors

Working on the Broadbean Technology project, Dimension Interiors were tasked with relocating an existing office into a new location. Throughout the project Dimension Interiors effectively recreated the existing space in a new location, providing Broadbean Technology with great new premises in the building next door!

Meanwhile Dimension Interiors was involved in the expansion project of Phoenix Business Solutions in order for the software and IT consultancy to continue its fast growth.

Dimension Interiors

“When we spoke to MD Matthew Crocker of Phoenix he had complete admiration and a fantastic attitude towards the team at Dimension Interiors,” said John. Matthew commented at the time, ‘We are overjoyed with our new offices and are very pleased to have found a hard working friendly company that understood our needs from the start. I highly recommend them to everyone!’

This project came via a recommendation in the networking department from the relocation of data and marketing company, More 2.

Dimension Interiors

Commenting on the project for More 2, Dimension Interiors Design Director, Simon Hamilton, said:

“More 2 wanted to relocate from a beautiful Georgian building in Covent Garden to a two-level warehouse in Southwark. More 2 didn’t just want someone to come in to create the space plan; they wanted an interior with design flair, which is where we came in. We were able to provide More 2 with a comprehensive range of services, to create an environment that would be appealing to staff.

Dimension Interiors

“We were given quite a detailed brief and one aspect of the project that was very important to our client was to create communal dining and social spaces, incorporated into areas which had a slightly more domestic feel to them than a standard office. We worked hand-in-hand with the client to make sure we were on board with their way of thinking.”

A very selective area of Dimension Interiors’ work is their involvement in a number of high end residential schemes. To date, Dimension Interiors has completed some very interesting projects, from a three-storey Victorian house – transforming it from flats into a single dwelling – to the completion of properties of well-known celebrities and Premiership Football players and managers.

The key to working in this sector is to gain a clear understanding of each client’s personal requirements, to help him or her reflect their home lifestyle.

Dimension Interiors

Simon commented:

“They may be in the spotlight, but they have often have a family and similar requirements to everybody else.”

Moving forward, Dimension Interiors are on site on a number of projects and have a very interesting project in the pipeline for a rollout scheme for a new bar, which will be in the West End, with plans to expand across Europe over the next 24 months. With all this and more, Dimension Interiors continue to demonstrate why they are the ‘talk of the town’ and the name to keep an eye on in 2014.


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