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Las Iguanas Wembley & Bristol

As a thriving restaurant chain, Las Iguanas is fast becoming a leading name across the UK.

Bringing a unique ‘irresistible bolt of Latin American energy’ to the high street, Las Iguanas continues to impress diners with its passion for mouth watering dishes which offer up the best of South American cuisine.

Keen to push the brand even further, Las Iguanas has recently opened two new restaurants, Las Iguanas Wembley and Las Iguanas Bristol. Las Iguanas Wembley is housed within the exciting London Designer Outlet, whilst Las Iguanas Bristol is situated opposite the city’s Cribbs Causeway Mall.

Las Iguanas Wembley is a luxurious affair, which mixes soft leather and twinkly lights, with the usual mix of delicious South American dishes and cocktails. Meanwhile, Las Iguanas Bristol is a colourful site, serving cocktails, mocktails and tapas a plenty!

Las Iguanas Wembley & Bristol

B3 Designers was the design practice on both Las Iguanas sites. Founded by Mark Bithrey in 2002, B3 Designers is an award-winning, innovative design practice specialising in the creation of great brand experiences that not only deliver but exceed expectations. The studio believes that every project is completely unique, irrespective of size, budget or location and this is what has led B3 Designers to become a leading name within the industry.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, B3 Designers Senior Designer, Katy Manolescue, said:

“Las Iguanas Wembley has a very prominent position on the second level of the London Designer Outlet. Due to its location we wanted the design to be a little more polished, giving it an ‘urban cool’ design. The restaurant takes references from the 1960s but is still very much in keeping with the Havana and South American styles.

“The feedback for the restaurant has been very positive. The Las Iguanas site has quite a point of difference from the other restaurants in London Designer Outlet and feels very much a premium destination. It is a great location and as Las Iguanas has a restaurant in East London it is great to have a restaurant now in West London.”

Las Iguanas Wembley & Bristol

Discussing Las Iguanas Bristol, Katy said:

“Las Iguanas Bristol is located within an entertainment complex, surrounded by a cinema and bowling alley and was installed into an existing unit that was completely overhauled. For this site we opted to go for the shabby chic approach, including distressed timber and it worked really well.”

As an innovative design practice, B3 Designers values its work with Las Iguanas, as the brand continues to explore new avenues for its design aesthetics.

Katy explained:

“The general public are becoming far more design savvy, so I believe that is important that successful brands such as Las Iguanas ensure that their designs develop and this is something which is very close to their hearts. Las Iguanas want each site to be unique and be different from the last. They are always keen to develop their brand alongside the designers, so it is very exciting work for us.”

Both new sites for Las Iguanas present something for all the family, along with gluten free and vegetarian menus. Happy Hour on selected cocktails and beer runs from 12pm to 7:30pm, and all day Sunday to Monday!

Las Iguanas Wembley & Bristol

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