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Enhancing Peterborough Regional College

Peterborough Regional College

A £5 million programme of works to upgrade and improve facilities at Peterborough Regional College is currently being implemented.

The project is extensive and includes the creation of a large extension to the existing sports hall, an extension to the college’s student entrance, and the installation of a small, animal care centre. The college’s main entrance is also being extended and a new performance space has been created.

Additional work on the project includes the refurbishment of the existing science lab, hairdressing salons and catering kitchens. The hall is also being extended to provide a green room and changing facilities for students.

Peterborough Regional College

Speaking to Premier Construction about the project, Vice Principal for Resources & Business Innovation at Peterborough Regional College, Brian Redshaw, said:

“We have already spent £8 million improving resources at the College and this £5 million programme is effectively the last phase of works. This project is all about improving the teaching and learning experience for our students, with all of the money being used to benefit the students, providing them with good quality vocational resources.”

Construction work began in May 2013 and the College has already taken delivery of the performance space and the extension to the student entrance. The main entrance is currently scheduled to reach completion in February 2014, the sports hall extension will be completed in April and the animal care centre and hall extension will follow in August.

The main contractor on the project is R G Carter, whilst Jefferson Sheard Architects is providing all architectural services.

As work is being conducted on a live site, one of the biggest factors of the project is accommodating the students’ needs, whilst maintaining the build programme.

Peterborough Regional College

Brian commented:

“We are able to maintain the quality of the students’ education throughout the scheme and we even hired an external sports hall in the interim period during construction work – students are not being disadvantaged in any way. Most of the elements are new, whilst the refurbishments took place during the summer period when the students were away.”

With some of the work now complete, the feedback has been very encouraging from both students and staff.

Brian said:

“The student entrance is great. We have an access barrier system and more turnstiles, which helps to ease the flow in and out of the building. This entrance also reduces heat loss from the building, so it will improve our energy efficiency.

“The performance space has been used by students as a market place, our music students have put on performances and we have held presentations. It has been absolutely fantastic and everyone has said how valuable they think it is, even in the short time that it has been open.”

Peterborough Regional College

Brian added:

“I have been involved right the way through, from the inception and appointing the design team and it is great to get such positive feedback and to know that what we are doing will make a difference to the education and training experience of students. What we do as a college is prepare young people for the world of work, from the correct skills to having the right mind set. Once work is complete this scheme will have really transformed the entire campus.”

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