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Vital Energi are a leading innovator in efficient energy provision for the UK; they provide a variety of efficient energy solutions for the public and private sectors, all of which can be collectively described as community energy.

In 2001, the Government released funding for a new generation of district energy schemes across the UK. Known as the Community Energy Programme (CEP), the aim was to increase spending on district energy solutions in two years.

Vital Energi utilised this funding and soon entered a period of sustained growth developing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, along with a reputation for delivering complete solutions. The firm design and install energy centres for clients; energy centres are the core of any centralised energy scheme which generate heat, power and cooling.

Some energy centres are designed to serve just a handful of dwellings, while others meet the energy needs of several thousand homes. Larger schemes may also serve community buildings, as well as commercial, industrial and retail premises.

The plant’s size can vary enormously, often depending on whether the energy centre is required to provide just heat, or heat and power. Equipment inside the plants typically include gas fired boilers working in conjunction with a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, while a growing number of schemes also include wood-fuelled boilers too.

The firm also design, produce and install a range of products; these include pre-insulated pipes and Hydraulic Interface Units – HIU’s. Pre-insulated pipes offer a complete transmission and distribution system for district heating and cooling, and oil and gas applications. The firm design many different pipes as no two clients have the same needs.

Vital Energi are the sole suppliers of KVM manufactured hydraulic interface units in the UK. These systems enable the householder to enjoy hot water and central heating – instantly and on demand. The design of each HIU is considered on a project-by-project basis, and is manufactured according to the unique requirements of each client.

Sometimes referred to as a heat board or a customer interface unit, an HIU is a control station within a residential or commercial unit. It works as the heat exchanger interface point between the community heating network and the internal heating/domestic hot water systems. The units can also be fitted with a heat meter, enabling dwellings to be individually metered and billed for their energy consumption.

Within the HIU, the control components serving the hot water and central heating systems gives increased control over when and how much hot water can be used. The Vital Energi range of HIU’s are available as part of Vital’s contracting installation or on a supply-only basis.

The company prides themselves on providing full and flexible solutions, from the initial design through to installation, administration and system maintenance. The firm works with companies through proposals and design, through to project implementation, as well as staying around to help companies through the operation and maintenance of their new systems. Once an energy scheme is up and running Vital Energi offer companies billing and administration services.

The firm also offers metering and billing solutions; energy metering has developed rapidly in the UK over the last ten years and experience now shows that a reduction in consumption of up to 30 per cent can be achieved by installing meters. Vital Energi are partners with leading manufacturer Hydrometer in Germany for the supply of metering technology and have an exclusive agreement to supply their products in the UK.

Vital Energi provide services to many sectors including working on new build developments, urban regeneration, housing associations, local authorities, city-wide mixed use and city centres, healthcare and hospitals, universities, museums, MOD, prisons and airports.

Some of the most recent projects they have been involved in include BAA, Heathrow Airport, Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow, Glenshellach Community Heating Scheme, Oban, Kings Cross Central Development, London and Media City UK, Manchester.

Whatever kind of energy supply clients require Vital Energi can provide it; they provide, design and install Energy Centres, Combined Heat and Power, Biomass services, Waste to Energy systems, Heating and Cooling Networks and design and manufacture products.

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