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Westover Solar Farm

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Westover Solar Farm is a new 7.04MW Hampshire-based solar farm comprising 27,880 panels. The solar farm – implemented by British Solar Renewables – covers an area of 30 acres and has the capability of providing up to 2,168 homes with power.

Work began on constructing Westover Solar Farm in September 2013 and was completed within 16 weeks, with SSE taking over the operation of the site upon completion. The construction of the solar farm was a completely new venture for the area, with the site chosen due to its south facing location and good accessibility.

Speaking to Premier Construction about the initial work on the solar farm, Olli Dixon of British Solar Renewables, said:

“The area was part of a much larger rectangular field; so we marked off our boundaries. We fenced off the area as soon as we moved in, installed safety features to protect the overhead lines which run parallel with the site, and then began construction of our 16sq m compound. We also installed access roads.

“We were very lucky that the site is on a chalk bedrock formation, so it was ideal for laying access roads as it didn’t affect the land. It was dry during the first month of us moving in, so the chalk compacted well, meaning that when we had finished we were able to move the topsoil back over the chalk with no problems.”

Westover Solar Farm was fitted with JA solar polycrystalline 250 watt and 255 watt panels, whilst the main construction materials used were a mix of steel piling and steel framework. In order to facilitate the build track cranes were employed during the course of the project. This aspect of the work saw the cranes lift central power units which were built off-site and delivered complete.

Westover Solar Farm

Olli said:

“We work for the EPC department of British Solar Renewables and this project was very important for us. The construction of Westover Solar Farm went very well and outlined how straight forward the creation of a solar farm like this could be.

“We learnt some lessons from Westover Solar Farm and it is great for our portfolio.”

Founded by Angus Macdonald, British Solar Renewables builds, owns and operates a new generation of utility-scale renewable energy plants, all designed and constructed to meet the highest standards possible. The company believes that generating environmentally friendly, clean energy can reduce the current global reliance on fossil fuelled power stations, which will protect the environment, and this remains at the forefront of the company’s practices.

Angus Macdonald, British Solar Renewables CEO, said:

“Our combination of solar power, wind power and energy storage puts us at the forefront of an exciting, modern energy supply industry. We are ambitious in our outlook and take advantage of rapidly changing developments in technology to constantly improve our offering.”

All of British Solar Renewables’ assets are integrated into the environment, ensuring that rural communities and industries are respected.

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