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Trip Kitchen, Acton Mews, London

Trip Kitchen & Bar is a fantastic new restaurant and bar housed within the vaulted archway of an over ground railway bridge in Acton Mews, London.

The restaurant opened in late 2013 and serves up a delicious menu of Turkish Cypriot-inspired cuisine, overseen by Chef in Residence, Selin Kiazim.

In addition to its array of tempting dishes, Trip Kitchen & Bar plays host to a fantastic programme of events, from theatrical dining experiences through to supperclubs. Trip Kitchen is open Tuesday to Sunday, with an 11pm close Thursday through Saturday and is backed by a fully licensed bar.

Since Trip Kitchen & Bar opened, feedback has been extremely positive, with the venue already receiving good reviews from the likes of the Evening Standard and Time Out. Keen to find out a little bit more about the Trip experience, Premier Hospitality caught up with Chino Soria, who provided architectural services on the site.

Chino, said:

“I knew the owners of Trip Kitchen & Bar and they invited me to join them on the project, providing architectural services. They had ideas in mind, and wanted to ensure that we were not implementing anything too flashy; rather something which could make good use of reclaimed materials. We also worked a lot on ensuring good accessibility for people with disabilities and those with children. Accessibility was an important area for all of us.”

Trip Kitchen, Acton Mews, London

As the venue was installed underneath an existing rail bridge, all work had to conform with Transport for London’s (TfL) guidelines. Chino worked hard to ensure the restaurant could service both the needs of its customers and TfL, with a concept that ticked all the right boxes.

Chino explained:

“TfL are quite strict about what you can and can’t do with the arch, so for example we were not allowed to place additional weight on the structure. We cleaned the archway and sealed it, and then added an area for a bar, kitchen and the washrooms. We used dry walls for the interior and reclaimed scaffolding boards for the exterior.”

Trip Kitchen & Bar was installed into a vaulted archway measuring 20 metres by 10 metres, with the kitchen and bar situated to the right, a spacious seating area to the left and air conditioning and ventilation above. The restaurant is beautifully lit, presenting an inviting and relaxed atmosphere perfect for whiling away the hours with family and friends and sits next to purpose built facility, Trip Studio.

Trip Kitchen, Acton Mews, London

Trip Studio is ideal for classes, rehearsals, events and performances and includes a wooden sprung floor and a double glazed glass front. Chino worked on Trip Studio, which was completed alongside their work on the restaurant.

Chino commented:

“Trip Studio is ideal for a range of activities and on some nights the studio space houses performances.”

The creation of the TripSpace projects in Acton Mews proved to be a significant milestone for Chino and formed a project which he really valued being a part of.

Trip Kitchen, Acton Mews, London

Chino said:

“This was a really interesting project to work on. I have conducted work in a lot of different locations and for five years I worked in Los Angeles, which is a completely different city to London. This project marked the first time that I had worked in this city and it was a really great challenge.”

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