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Updating Somerville Primary

Somervile Primary School, Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside

Located in Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside, Somerville Primary School is a part of Wirral Local Authority and caters for infants and juniors within the surrounding community.

The school is currently undergoing a three-phased project designed to improve existing facilities, which will not only provide pupils with new learning spaces but will also introduce a new school hall which has potential for community use.

Conlon Construction was the principle contractor on Phase One of the project, whilst Wirral Council is providing all design services, electrical and structural engineers and CDMC. Mechanical works on Phase One and Two of the project are being conducted by Abacus.

Speaking to Premier Construction about the project, Wirral Council Senior Designer, Jeremy Clarke, said:

“We have just reached completion on Phase One of a three phased development, designed and implemented in order to provide additional accommodation for Somerville Primary School. The existing school building is a 1960s system build, which currently contains inadequate accommodation for the existing pupil numbers. The three phases of this project will dramatically improve the facilities for the pupils.

Somervile Primary School, Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside

“The first phase was to provide a new hall and kitchen towards the front of the building. The remaining phases will comprise internal alterations and extensions to provide a new main entrance, classrooms and additional improvement works. These phases will replace a series of mobile classrooms that are currently in operation at the school. We are also moving pre-school facilities into the main school building. By the end of the final phase all three of the school’s existing double-mobile classrooms will have been removed.”

Work reached completion on Phase One in April 2014, with work commencing on the second phase shortly after. The second phase is scheduled to reach completion in June and will see the school’s existing hall converted into two classrooms.

The final phase will begin in July 2014 and is currently scheduled to reach completion in February/March 2015. This phase will include classroom extensions and the construction of the school’s new entrance. A small amount of landscaping and other external work will complete the project which is being implemented to tidy the site and tie the work back into its surroundings.

With work now complete on Phase One of the project at Sommerville Primary School, the new hall provides the building with improved facilities. As well as acting as a dining hall, which includes storage areas and a new kitchen, the hall also includes a new entrance and disabled toilets.

Somervile Primary School, Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside

The hall was designed so that it could effectively become a separate and secure entity from the school, when required. The facility can be used out of hours, allowing for community use and events.

Discussing the school’s new hall, Jeremy said:

“This is a brand new hall, complete with a fitted kitchen and associated facilities to provide Somerville Primary School with a new dining hall. The hall covers an area of 200 sq meters and is much larger in size than the school’s existing facility. The hall includes a folding screen, which has been installed down the middle, so that it can be divided into two smaller halls when required.”

Whilst work is taking place on the project, Somerville Primary School remains open to pupils. Although a challenging aspect to the project, the site team are ensuring all work remains separated from the students to maintain health and safety at all times.

Jeremy commented:

“We have clear demarcations with fencing and separate entrances to establish the areas which we are working on. As work progresses, these areas will change to allow us to work around the operation of the school.”

Although work on the project will run until early next year, the initial feedback from staff at Somerville Primary School has been very positive.

Somervile Primary School, Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside

Speaking about the impact the new facilities will have on the community, Jeremy said:

“This will be a vastly improved facility for the school, ensuring that the pupils will no longer be taught in old, outdated mobile buildings. The extension towards the front of the building will help enhance the presence of the school, whilst the hall has the option for community use, all bringing the school into the community that little bit more.”

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SMG Contractors Ltd

SMG Contractors Ltd specialise in ground works, demolition and landscaping for the construction industry. SMG Contractors has been operating for a year, however, company owner Rick Seed has more than 30 years experience in the industry.

Over the past year SMG Contractors Ltd has worked on a range of projects, including St Elphin’s Primary School in Warrington and Leftwich Community Care Centre. Working on the Somerville School project, SMG Contractors has been involved with landscaping and ground works.

Somervile Primary School, Wallasey, Wirral, Merseyside

SMG Contractors Ltd Company Owner, Rick Seed, said:

“We work across the board on schemes. The Somerville School project has been very important to us as it continues to get us recognised within the industry. We have worked with Conlon Construction previously and we like to continue this great working relationship.”

Rick added:

“We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.”


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