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Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

With its fresh, casual approach to dining, Vapiano has quickly established itself as a leading name in food service.

No matter if its pasta, pizza, sauces or dressings, food is handcrafted on a daily basis, ensuring that quality and freshness are at the forefront of everything that Vapiano offers.

The Vapiano concept launched in Hamburg in 2002, before it quickly expanded across Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Mexico. The brand is still growing with its 100th restaurant opening in Vienna, at Vienna West train station.

Vapiano Vienna opened in November 2013, is a 260-seat venue and the first to showcase the restaurant’s recent redesign. The refresh of the interiors is an evolution of the original design idea and reflects the principles of the brand: the love of food, of freshness and of manufacture.

Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

Matteo Thun, Milan architect and interior designer, developed the design and furnishing of the very first Vapiano in Hamburg and was behind the new design of the 100th site. The whole design concept is based on communication and natural materials. Long oak wood tables, the bar and the lounge are designed to invite people to relax and chat – whether it is for a cup of coffee, for lunch or a pleasant start to the evening.

The placement of a 100-year-old olive tree plays a major role in design and comes directly from Italy and was chosen to fit perfectly into every restaurant that is opened. In addition, every restaurant has its own herb garden where guests can pick herbs to give their meal a personal touch.

Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

A spokesperson for Vapiano, said:

“The main idea of the founders was to create a restaurant with a high level of self determination, which takes the individual wishes of every single guest into consideration. There is no dress code. A reservation is not necessary and guests can laugh and chat as loud as they want – just like being at a friend’s house for dinner. Due to the interactive front cooking-concept, employees can fulfil individual wishes during the preparation of the food, as it is being cooked in front of guests.

“Quality, freshness and transparency enjoy top priority. This is why all food is being handcrafted daily in every restaurant. No matter if it is the eleven kinds of pasta, sauces, dressings or Dolci (desserts and pastries).

Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

“Every guest receives a card when entering the restaurant. Whatever they eat and drink during their stay is registered. The advantage is that the card provides flexibility and is perfect for people in a hurry. Thus, Vapiano offers the ideal concept for people who want to be flexible and – at the same time – do not want to forgo indulgence, quality and freshness.”

Besides the guests, Vapiano’s employees, the Vapianisti, play a leading role in the restaurant’s success. All Vapianisti have excellent communication skills, are open-minded, tolerant and set themselves high standards. Furthermore their individual support and continuous development is very important to Vapiano.

The Vapiano concept has not only proved successful worldwide, but has also gained recognition from leading industry award ceremonies, including the recent Casual Dining Design Awards 2014. Vapiano, Vienna 4 and 5, Austria & Vapiano Belefield and Koblenz, Germany picked up Best Designed Multiple Restaurant 2014, beating strong competition in the process.

Vapiano Restaurants, Vienna

Additional awards Vapiano has picked up in the past have included the Foodservice Award 2006, Top 10 Employer in 2008 and e-Star Online Excellence Award 2011.

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