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Chroma Global Flooring Solutions is Great Britain’s largest supplier of standard and bespoke soft and hard flooring. Chroma supplies broadloom carpets […]


Chroma Global Flooring Solutions is Great Britain’s largest supplier of standard and bespoke soft and hard flooring.

Chroma supplies broadloom carpets, wall to wall carpets, rugs, rubber tiles and rolls, woven vinyl tiles and rolls, natural wood flooring and luxury engineered vinyl planks and tiles along with luxury carpet tiles. Chroma works across all market sectors, with customers based throughout the world.

Chroma was born out of the desire to merge a powerful mix of global manufacturing knowledge with exceptional design, offering the interiors industry a one-stop solution with an eclectic array of stunning floor finishes. Chroma is proud to have worked with international embassies of the world, iconic boutique hotels and some of the largest bedroom providers in the industry.

Designers tell Chroma that starting on a new project can be a little daunting especially when working to a budget, and trying to select a number of floor finishes from various suppliers. Chroma’s objective is to offer all customers the possibility of seeing their project as one overall scheme that flows continuously. Chroma believes in helping clients every step of the way and making sure that the final result is exactly as the designer intended at the outset.

Gerard Jones, Managing Director of Chroma said:

“I can bring to mind two very prestigious 5*and 6* star hotel projects where we have worked with extremely talented designers at the outset who have worked meticulously to create the right environment. However, towards the end of the build it became increasingly more difficult to allocate the budget as was intended. This is very common with regard to the flooring within a project, as more often than not this is left until much further down the procurement process.”


Gerard added:

“Specifically we worked on a project where there was a desire to create a very high end luxurious specification of 100% mohair rugs. Mohair is one of the most expensive and luxurious yarns that you can work with when creating handmade carpets. The designer was naturally keen, as we were to deliver this finish to the client and when faced with budget limitations we looked to manufacturing innovation.

“Through our knowledge and expertise we were able to guide the design and manufacturing process to look towards a blend of natural and finely engineered yarns to achieve the exact same feel and aesthetic whilst meeting the revised costs. The client and designer were very happy and even an expert would have had a hard job of telling the difference. This is what we do really well at Chroma.”

Chroma offers over 3000 standard floor finishes giving clients more choice at the design stage and when standard just won’t do, Chroma can design custom carpets and rugs from 1m² which help to create unique spaces. Chroma works with traditional manufacturing processes like hand tufting, hand knotting, Axminster and Wilton to state of the art advanced dye injected production technology.

Chroma also offers the industry’s shortest lead times on custom rugs and in some cases can ship custom rugs in two weeks from date of order. Chroma also offers jointly certified FSC and PEFC wood flooring in a broad range of board widths, sizes and finishes, making it an easy choice for difficult room sizes. All natural and easy to maintain, which effortlessly create the individuality expected from a timber floor. Chroma is unique in being able to offer this full service package.


Gerard said:

“Our ethos is based on designers telling us it is not always clear how to achieve a particular aesthetic, texture, style or performance. So whether you choose to do the creative development of the design or share your ideas with us, with four dedicated flooring experts all based at our London showroom, working with Chroma is easy. We work tirelessly to give you the project you want within the timeframe and budgets you set. So you can be confident that your project with our products will perform day in and day out, and create beautiful interior spaces that enhance and transform the user’s experience.”

For more information, please visit: www.chroma.im.



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