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Based in Spittal, in the north of Scotland, Caithness Stone Industries is the world’s premier producer of Caithness Flagstone. Operating from three quarries – two for excavating stone and one for finishing and dispatching – Caithness Stone Industries uses traditional techniques and new technology, to produce exquisite products for each client.

Caithness flagstone is a unique, natural material and in order to provide the best possible product range, Caithness Stone Industries has developed the latest machinery allowing almost any works to be completed. Machines in use by Caithness Stone Industries include a laser etcher, sandblaster, top polisher and an edger, producing a range of works, from shower trays to signage.

A spokesperson for Caithness Stone Industries, said:

“Caithness Stone is a unique material only found in the far north of Scotland. The stone, which was created over 400 million years ago, has a density and hardness akin to granite. Today, using traditional techniques with modern technology, we can produce orders to virtually any specification.

“Although indigenous to Caithness, our stone is employed all around the world on all sorts of projects and in many differing environments. From the Scottish Parliament Building and the Belfast Concert Hall, to the British Memorial Garden in New York, Caithness Stone is found in the most prestigious of places. Many prehistoric structures built with Caithness Stone survive intact today.”

Sites which include Caithness Stone include Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh; the British Memorial Garden in New York; and Belfast Opera House.

To enhance the natural characteristics of the materials, Caithness Stone Industries can incorporate a range of imagery; providing clients with a custom planning and design service. An expert, qualified in-house design department is on hand to provide advice and logos, pictures and even graphic designs can all be incorporated, achieving the desired finish each and every time.

All works are completed in-house, ensuring that Caithness Stone Industries’ high level of quality is maintained at all times. The in-house service also ensures that Caithness Stone Industries can provide clients with the quickest production time possible.

A spokesperson for Caithness Stone Industries, said:

“Whatever your building plans, internal or external, Caithness Stone always comes up looking good. Our flagstone is used for a wide range of applications including paving, walling, cladding, setts, kitchen worktops, furniture and more and our Caithness Slate provides a long lasting and characteristic finish to many fine buildings around the globe.

“At Caithness Stone Industries we pride ourselves on quality and steadfast dedication in producing to any specification within the material’s capabilities.”

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