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Ecomerchant offer a wide variety of services to clients with a focus on making ethically sourced, sustainable building materials.

The firm considers the environmental merits of every product before including them in their ranges, and often opts not to sell products which cause excessive environmental impact. The environmentally friendly construction firm helps clients build and refurbish homes, schools and workplaces using natural and sustainable materials.

The Ecomerchant brand has been around since 1998 and can be relied upon to offer well considered selections of materials. The firm provide a plethora of products including windows & doors, airtightness products, insulation, lime plasters, renders, mortars & ancillaries, clay plaster, drainage & water, sunpipes & skylights, building materials, renewables & energy, landscaping, natural paints maintenance & cleaning, as well as drain unblocking and cleaning.

Ecomerchant are eager to introduce natural insulation into all properties and keenly promote this eco-friendly insulation method. The UK home insulation market is huge worth over £800 million; of this less than 1% is made up of natural insulation products. Natural insulation is on the rise as customers want healthier products; Ecomerchant meet this growing desire as they exclusively sell natural insulation products.

The company is the only supplier of Steico insulation products to sell by the individual board or pack meaning which means unnecessary waste can be kept to a minimum. Natural insulation is able to deliver thermal and acoustic insulation and also has a lower negative carbon footprint. This type of insulation also presents fewer health issues during installation and assists in regulating relative humidity.

Another aspect of Ecomerchants eco-friendly service includes the provision of lime plasters, renders, mortars & ancillaries. They have developed a range of lime products that are simple to understand and easy to use. All products benefit from reduced levels of embodied energy and lighter environmental impact, but importantly, also match the performance and eco requirements now being established through modern methods of construction.

Ecomerchant have a clear vision; to lead the move to low carbon living through sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and the elimination of waste and pollution to reduce our environmental impact. The firm hopes to deliver change in a straightforward and understandable way as well as sponsor a permanent behavioural shift in people’s attitudes to life.

The team also has a qualified crew of eco-installers and builders who can fit a range of products from renewable energy systems to renders and plasters. The firm’s installers are able to assist customers purchasing specialist products.

The company has a strong working relationship with Buildstore Financial Services and so offers a varying range of products; including mortgages. In partnership with Buildstore, Ecomerchant has recently launched a new Eco Accelerator Mortgage which is available for those carrying out self build, renovation, conversion and refurbishment projects.

The Eco Accelerator Mortgage focuses on energy performance and generation, as well as on the building fabric too. The scheme promotes healthy living by rewarding customers with a discounted interest rate for the lifetime of the mortgage. This discounted rate is a reward for customers selecting sustainable building materials with a reduced global impact.

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