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Zacry’s is unveiled

Zacry's, Newquay, Cornwall

An extensive £500,000 refurbishment project to create Zacry’s; a new destination restaurant at the Watergate Bay Hotel has now been completed.

Formerly known as The Dining Room, the restaurant has now been transformed into Zacry’s; a high end eatery serving up three sumptuous courses from its a la carte menu.

Primary works began on site in December 2013 and the restaurant was then closed in January for seven weeks until the site was completed. Premier Hospitality caught up with Neil Haydock, the Executive Chef at Zacry’s, to find out more about the project. Neil said:

Two years ago I saw the transformation of The Living Space restaurant, in a separate part of the hotel, and Zacry’s was the final piece of the jigsaw. I have been heavily involved with the project and have helped the Director, Will Ashworth, with Zacry’s design and style; as well as being hands on with the builders.”

Zacry's, Newquay, Cornwall

Household, a London design company, have already updated Watergate Bay Hotel’s Swim Club, swimming pool and treatment area and The Living Space two years ago. Therefore the brief was to make Zacry’s an extension of the hotel’s other redesigned facilities. Neil said the Watergate team wanted Zacry’s to be different to the other spaces in the hotel, but still fit in with the general design and feel of the hotel.

Ease Build acted as the main contractor during the Zacry’s project; they were familiar with the hotel as they have previously completed numerous projects for the Watergate Bay Hotel. Works were extensive and included the extension of the restaurant and the installation of floor to ceiling windows. In order to achieve the extension, the building’s original zigzag-designed windows had to be removed.

Numerous leather banquette seats feature in the restaurant and add a splash of colour and luxury to the venue. The seating varies in colour from honeyed tan leather, dark blue to light blue. A large reeded glass panel, decorated with soft steel and glass, has also been installed which acts as an impressive feature piece. Quirky retro lighting also features and adds atmosphere to the space.

Zacry's, Newquay, Cornwall

An open plan kitchen has been constructed in the centre of the restaurant which enables guests to see right into the kitchen and watch as their meals are prepared. The 135 cover venue is decorated with blues and yellows, as well as the odd splash of honey. Across the front of the kitchen light blue panelled walls have been placed, alongside cracked glazed tiling.

Another impressive feature of the restaurant is the large charcoal oven which adds a great flavour to the fantastic products passing through its doors. Neil said:

“A lot of chefs are now going back to the old ways of cooking as it is being realised that is where the flavours comes from; so we use very traditional techniques. As Zacry’s is surrounded by water, fish is predominant on our menu, but charcoal grilled meat also features.

Zacry's, Newquay, Cornwall

We receive food supplies from Paris, Italy, Spain and Greece as well as a lot of Cornish produce so all our food compliments each other. We receive weekly deliveries from Italy which are full of mozzarella and Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. Our focus is to provide quality food and our products, techniques used and our staff ensures that this is achieved.”

During the renovation project Zacry’s was closed and the hotels other restaurants were utilised. The Living Space, which was renovated two years ago, normally functions as a casual all day dining space from mid-morning to mid-evening. However during this project the space was used throughout the whole day, serving all meals, to ensure guests had somewhere to eat at all times.

Zacry’s has now been opened since mid-March 2014 and feedback from guests has been very positive. This project is the latest refurbishment scheme at Watergate Bay Hotel.

Zacry's, Newquay, Cornwall

Zacry’s will be open to non-residents of the hotel from the 1st May; bookings can be made a week in advance.

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