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As an exceptional and experienced company, Continental Installations Limited is a manufacturer and installation specialist based in West Yorkshire focusing on the implementation of high quality glazing systems.

Working from 27,000²ft premises in Huddersfield, the facilities that Continental Installations utilise enable them to deliver excellent glazing systems including curtain walling, ground floor systems and commercial windows.

The modern technological equipment that Continental Installations operates allows the company to provide exceptional quality services for its clients and architects. The success of the company is reinforced by a professional and strongly motivated management team who ensure that production and installation is finalised to the precise requirements of the client.

Continental Installations understand that cost and budget is an important factor within the business, and work to maximise the potential of all projects for their clients. The company provides a respectable service for a suitable price and undertake projects which are in keeping with their working practices.

Continental Installations’ utilisation of modern CAD facilities allows the designing process to be successful, run by experienced curtain walling designers. The advantage of the designers’ reliable experience ensures that they understand the needs of the client and will therefore deliver effective results.

CNC manufacturing has been provided within the company after many substantial investments have been made, and this provides many advantages to Continental Installations. This combined with specialist tooling and training from partner suppliers allows the manufacturing process to be a success.

Site engineers are all given relevant training in order to produce accurate results and a high quality finished product with installation. Staff are trained to meet particular requirements to ensure that they can perform to the standards that their clients deserve. The contract managers are there to also achieve the very best results by following the on-site construction programmes.

Continental Installations have accomplished many projects including commercial developments, high rise apartments and offices. For example they have completed Whitehills Business Park in Blackpool which comprises of high spec office units, with tinted solar glass. Tailor made laser cut curved canopies were also included within the building to fit the structure. Another project that they have embarked upon is an Office Suite in Bolton which integrates a notable curtain wall entrance with a revolving doorset and power assisted swing doors with access control.

Amongst other projects, Continental Installations have taken on board Oak Green in Handford, which required a curtain wall system as well as windows and bespoke glazed canopies to all entrances. In addition, the St. Asaph Business Park project required the whole of the building map to be manufactured from curtain wall with state-of-the-art panel design, high specification glass with etched glass integrated within the design. Furthermore was the Firsway Health Centre project which comprised a curtain wall, an automatic sliding door and tilt and turn windows which are a handy and safe feature as they allow safe cleaning from the inside.

These are just some of the projects that Continental Installations have completed; there are numerous others such as Providence Row in Durham City, Henry Price Building at Leeds University and Highbury Hospital in Nottingham, all demonstrating the company’s quality workmanship and skill.

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