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Hereward Homes specialise in high quality developments in prime rural and town locations throughout Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire […]

Hereward Homes - best ind new home

Hereward Homes specialise in high quality developments in prime rural and town locations throughout Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire.

Previous projects range from the refurbishment of existing period properties to large developments of up to 12 units.

The property developer have established a good reputation since its inception in April 2000 for building individually designed homes, with quality of detailing and materials.

Hereward Homes have recently been nominated for two awards in the LABC Building Excellence Awards which celebrates architectural beauty, excellent construction and technical building, as well as innovative and creative solutions. We caught up with Jon Gibbison, the firm’s Managing Director, to find out what it means to be recognised:

“We have been nominated in the Best Local Builder or Traditional Craftsmanship category and also in the Best Individual New Home category. It’s a real honour, as a company we haven’t pushed ourselves forward for awards as we are always focused on delivering great products, however over the past few years we have had a lot of people telling us to promote ourselves more.

Hereward Homes - best ind new home

“We were put forward by the LABC last year for an award and were a runner up and it’s great to be recognised again this year by the LABC. The Awards ceremony takes place on Friday 13th June and we will be there!”

The team was entered into the Best Individual New Home category for its work on a challenging project. Hereward Homes bought an historic 1895, late Victorian, period house situated at the front of a very large plot of land. The planners wished to see a new bungalow on the rear of the plot and Hereward Homes and it’s specialist consultants came up with a unique design that whilst looking like a single storey modern structure from the front actually contained four different levels within it.

Once approval for the development had been gained the firm’s skilled team of site managers and subcontractors set to work.

The innovative property comprises a raised living room and a half submerged office space below; upon entering the building you are greeted by a 6m high large dining hall that leads through to the kitchen. There is also a partial mezzanine level that overlooks the dining and kitchen areas. As well as being eye-catching the building is very environmentally friendly and has photovoltaic panels on the roof, a heat recovery ventilation system and an air source heat pump for the heating and hot water.

Hereward Homes - best ind new home

Jon Gibbison said that Hereward Homes spends a great deal of time looking for sites and building relationships with local landowners, which allows them to maintain their positive track record in obtaining planning consent on most developments. A lot of buyers purchase Hereward Homes properties before completion and many houses often sell off plan, which illustrates their popularity.

The fact that the firm customises properties in line with purchaser’s requests is a big draw for potential buyers. Jon is very hands-on with the design process, although Hereward Homes does employ freelance designers and external architects that develop designs; however the team offers most services in house.

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