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North Star Housing Group is an award winning social housing provider based in the North East of England.

North Star Housing Group is founded on a belief that organisations can be stronger and more effective when they unite, particularly when it comes to addressing the complex issues associated with rural and urban housing and community regeneration. North Star brings together the skills, resources and values of Endeavour Housing Association and Teesdale Housing Association to form a strong body with a clear vision of what they want to achieve for the people who live in the region. All of this culminates in the creation of affordable, high quality housing and sustainable communities.

With 3,500 properties across the two organisations, Endeavour and Teesdale work closely within local communities and have a proven track record of providing housing and services for a range of needs across the region. Both operating companies enjoy an equal partnership yet still continue to retain their separate identities and operating locations in addition to their relationship with residents.

Endeavour Housing Association operate right across the North East of England regenerating and building everything from small scale developments of housing for the physically disabled to involvement in multi-partner urban renewal projects.

Affordable, high quality, rural housing is increasingly scarce and so Teesdale Housing Association’s main priority is to provide affordable homes for rent in the predominantly rural area of Teesdale.

Both Endeavour and Teesdale work together playing to their individual strengths whilst reaping the benefits that come from being a larger organisation. It all adds up to a great deal.

Having signed up to the National Housing Federations code “Excellence in Governance”, the North Star Housing Group Board set out to achieve high standards of governance, accountability and probity to ensure the business is effectively run.

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