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An extensive scheme to upgrade and improve the existing waste water treatment works at Meary Veg site in Santon, Isle of Man, is well underway.

Approximately 15,500m³ of sewerage waste is produced on a daily based in the Isle of Man with 67% of this waste needed to be treated at the Meary Veg site.

In order to achieve this objective Kirk Environmental were assigned to design, supply and install four extra glass-fused-to-steel storage tanks. Kirk Environmental is part of the Kirk Group who are global specialists in liquid and biogas storage solutions for water, wastewater, anaerobic digestion and biogas infrastructure.

Kirk installed two sludge storage tanks; one which stores the thickened sludge and another septic tank both also include glass-fused-to-steel roofs. This method of fusing glass to steel is very unique and allows the strength and flexibility of the steel to be combined with the corrosion resistance of the glass, therefore improving the quality of the final product.

The plant is now capable of storing the extra sludge and septic waste thanks to this scheme and will start to carry out this process in the improved facility shortly. The extra tanks will provide a means of both storing and gravity thickening the imported sludge before it is transferred to a separate sludge treatment process. Through the treating process the plant will now be able to produce thermally dried sludge which will ultimately be disposed in a nearby Energy from Waste plant.

Before the project was undertaken at Meary Veg their existing sludge treatment plant was nearing capacity and would not be capable of treating the additional sludge produced by the new regional sewage treatment plants. The new facility will ensure that developments are not compromised by the inability to treat the sludge generated by increases in population.

The scheme at the Meary Veg site has been carried out in line with the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy (RSTS) which is being implemented by the Manx Utilities Authority. Phase One of this investment programme covers the period 2011-2016 and commenced by undertaking smaller, simpler developments, and will carry out the larger and more complex projects in the final few years of the project.

The footprint and height of the new building has been designed and constructed in line with the engineering, operation and maintenance requirements of the RSTS. The building has been sited adjacent to the existing sludge treatment building at the lowest part of the site to reduce the visual impact.

The Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy aims to replace the current outdated and ineffective infrastructure and implement modern day sewage treatment to the existing sewage treatment works at Patrick, Dalby, Bride, Glen Mona, Glen Maye, Corony, Jurby, Kirk Michael, Booilushag and Maughold. As well as improving existing facilities the programme will also construct first time sewage treatment plants to the catchments at Ramsey and Port Lewaigue.

The programme was approved by Tynwald, Parliament of the Isle of Man, in April 2011. The work programme was also designed to maximise the use of on island consultants and contractors. The overall programme has been designed so that the Meary Veg sludge treatment facility can treat the sludge from all of the isle’s settlements and therefore is of key importance to the success of the overall strategy.

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