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Red Dog bring their American BBQ to Clapham

 Red Dog South, Clapham

Red Dog Restaurants Ltd recently unveiled their latest venture, Red Dog South.

Situated in Clapham it’s the third Red Dog venue to open in London, hot on the heels of Red Dog Saloon and Red Dog American Sandwiches, both in Hoxton. Red Dog South, like the original Red Dog Saloon, is a traditional American smokehouse and barbeque joint serving authentically prepared slow roasted cuts of meat that are proving increasingly popular with UK diners.

Red Dog import their award winning smokers direct from the USA. Designed to replicate the cooking process of the traditional fire pits originally used, hickory and mesquite wood chips give the mouth-watering dishes on the Red Dog menu their signature delicious smoky flavour.

Keen to find out more about Red Dog South, Premier Hospitality caught up with Jenny Burns from designLSM who are responsible for the branding and interior designers for all three Red Dog venues. Jenny said:

“We were originally commissioned by the Red Dog team for the interior design and branding of Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton, so we were delighted to be asked to undertake the design of Red Dog South.

 Red Dog South, Clapham

“Our brief for Red Dog Saloon, which we developed upon for Red Dog South, was to recreate a traditional Mid-Western saloon. We took inspiration from amazing turn of the century gold rush photography that we unearthed during our research, as well as incorporating elements from the natural landscape in Colorado. One of our biggest challenges at Red Dog Saloon was to avoid ‘over-theming’ the interior and creating an environment that would appeal to the local Hoxton crowd. We’ve successfully taken all these elements into Red Dog South.”

Jenny went on to tell us that designLSM created the Red Dog South interior with a palette of reclaimed hardwoods, pine and distressed leathers. Warm dark brown anaglypta wallpaper panels on the ceiling and dark wood flooring all contribute to the rustic, warm atmosphere. A combination of fixed seating and booths run the length of the restaurant, with the bar itself designed to echo the traditional Mid-West saloon bars. The shop front is clad in the same striking American reclaimed oak and quirky awnings as Red Dog Saloon, firmly establishing the Red Dog brand in London.

Work began on the Clapham site last November and was completed by March this year. designLSM worked with main contractors HWJ Developments who undertook all of the construction and demolition work.

The site, previously a tapas bar, was completely stripped back to its original shell prior to refurbishment. HWJ undertook the internal demolition work including repositioning the kitchen and the removal of interior walls.

 Red Dog South, Clapham

Their team also installed the new shop front and external terrace area. The refurbished ground floor venue now seats 86 covers, with capacity for an additional 30 on the terrace. The Red Dog South menu contains a selection of mouth-watering dishes including the Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, cooked up Carolina Style and The Heat Seeker Burger topped with pickled jalapenos, habaneros and Pepper Jack cheese.

This menu is definitely not for the faint hearted or those afraid of spice, just take a look at their Hot Wings Challenge! Diners are invited to consume an array of spicy chicken wings that have been marinated with fiery Naga Viper chillis.

Jenny finished our interview by saying:

“Red Dog South has been another great project to work on with the Red Dog team and it’s brilliant to see all the positive reviews it has received since opening. We are looking forward to helping Red Dog develop their unique brand in the future.”

HWJ Developments Ltd

HWJ Developments Ltd is a principal contractor with a domestic and commercial division. From their domestic division the firm offer a well rounded service from design, planning application through to build and completion. In the commercial sector HWJ carry out kitchen design, M & E, joinery and installation.

 Red Dog South, Clapham

Having been in operation for nine years the firm has established an extensive portfolio. Previous projects include Red Dog Saloon, Red Dog South, Red Dog American Sandwiches, 20 Hoxton Square Gallery and Gigalum Bar to name but a few.

Premier Construction caught up with Henry Jamieson, the firm’s Managing Director, to find out more about their involvement in Red Dog Restaurants Ltd latest venture; Red Dog South. He told us that HWJ designed all of the back of house systems and spaces, incl. of kitchen, and installed them. They also constructed everything bespoke for the clients down to the terrace furniture to keep the strong theme and identity the restaurant have, as well as creating a tailored space for the client’s needs. Ultimately this enables optimum efficiency of the space.

Henry added:

“In terms of the build work we did all of the bespoke joinery apart from the chairs, as well as all the metal work from start to the end of the project. We like to keep everything in house so if there are any issues we can resolve them fairly quickly. It also means there is one point of contact for the client. As a company we understand how stressful opening a new business can be so we like to try and stream line the process. The only way this is possible is to take care of everything on the project.

 Red Dog South, Clapham

“We have worked for the clients for a while now. We love working with wood as a material and reclaimed wood is a big factor in the Red Dog developments so it is a concept we very much enjoy building. It comes with its own problems and is like a jigsaw to get it all to fit and look like it has always been there.

“We pride ourselves in building things to last; we like things to age and look better over time and hopefully that reduces the need to keep touching things up over the years. Whether it is a domestic or a commercial project we like things to weather well.”

HWJ will shortly be launching a maintenance division, tailored to the needs of our clients in the hospitality industry.

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