Cardiff energy plant built with Hope

Hope Construction, Cardiff Energy Waste plant

Hope Construction Materials, the UK’s leading independent provider of construction materials, has supplied more than 20,000m3 of concrete for the build of Cardiff’s massive new £150m Energy from Waste plant.

The two year project, one of the largest in South Wales, commenced in April 2012 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year, with Hope supplying the concrete to build the innovative renewable energy facility.

The concrete was supplied to contractor Lagan Construction, with a range of bespoke mixes used to create the piling, foundations and structure. The largest single pour was 800m3, supplied to the site over a 13-hour period.

The striking facility will treat residual waste through combustion to turn 350,000 tonnes of post-recycling waste each year into energy, generating 30MW of electricity – enough to power 50,000 homes in Cardiff. In order to meet the stringent deadlines the site was supplied from Hope’s Cardiff concrete plant, one of almost 160 nationwide, which is less than half a mile from the build. By being close to the construction site Hope was able to minimise vehicle movements and help reduce the carbon footprint of the build, further adding to the green credentials of the project.

The build is one of several current waste processing projects from a number of contractors being supplied by the company. Marc Case of Hope Construction Materials says he is proud that the firm has been able to hit the ground running to consistently deliver high quality concrete under tight deadlines.

Hope Construction, Cardiff Energy Waste plant

He said: “We took on this exciting brief from Lagan Construction when Hope was in its infancy and to be able to supply such a substantial quantity of concrete in such a short period of time, whilst maintaining both product quality and service levels is a real source of pride for the firm.

“The project is one of – if not the – biggest construction projects in Wales this year and we are delighted to have been part of the build of this striking facility.

“Having our supply site less than a mile from the build has been invaluable in maintaining service and meeting strict deadlines, and to fulfil a massive project with minimal vehicle movements and therefore a minimal carbon footprint, is something we are particularly pleased about.”

Mark Leavey, senior agent at Lagan, said: “The project has been one of the largest I have worked on and has been a great engineering experience, providing many challenges along the way.

“The progress that has been made in the last two years is a credit to the employees involved in order to achieve a fast paced construction programme.

Hope Construction, Cardiff Energy Waste plant

“Not only has the workforce been superb but the supply of materials to site has been excellent. With more than 100 joiners, steel fixers and concrete operatives working on site at peak times, not to mention all the plant in attendance, a consistent supply of concrete was essential in ensuring each day was as efficient as possible.

“Hope Construction Materials has provided an excellent service and more importantly high quality concrete with a background team always there to provide technical support.”

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