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A new care home has been opened in Lincoln by award winning neurological rehabilitation specialists Christ Church Group.

Christ Church Group has achieved positive outcomes for individuals for over 15 years offering a comprehensive range of services for adults with neurological conditions as a result of injury, illness, or disease. The company is experienced in supporting individuals within a community.

The latest development, completed by main contractor Pacy and Wheatley Ltd and Latham Architects, is a 12 bedroom specialist neurological rehabilitation service on Goldsmith Walk, a quiet estate situated in the north of Lincoln. The venue holds 11 en suite bedrooms and one bedsit. It is situated close to a wide range of social, leisure, educational and vocational opportunities.

Christ Church Group care homes provide support for individuals with cognitive, physical, behavioural, social or psychological difficulties following injury, illness or disease, as well as supporting individuals with pre-existing or emerging mental health problems.

The care home provides a range of services including Neuro-behavioural Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, 12 Week Residential Assessments, Enhanced Respite Services and Home Services.

A spokesperson said:

Our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to monitor, regulate and reduce episodes of challenging or inappropriate behaviour and help individuals develop emotional and social information processing strategies to enhance techniques for effective behaviour change. Through on-going observation and re-evaluation we measure the progress of each individual and adjustments are made to the treatment plan to maximise the patient’s progress toward recovery.”

Residents are involved in establishing their long and short term objectives, goal setting, lifestyle planning and highlighting community activities which complement their hobbies and interests. Christ Church Group offers a structured care pathway to enable us to support individuals throughout each stage of their rehabilitation. The new build has a range of accommodation to support each resident’s level of independence as well as providing community outreach services continuing to support people once they discharge into their own homes.

Additionally, Christchurch Group provides longer term, nurse led support for individuals with progressive neurological conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson’s Disease and provide specialist nursing for individuals who require support with epilepsy, infections, tracheostomies, diabetes, pegs and catheters.

A spokesperson added:

We seek to maximise quality of life for our residents and their families whether facing a life threatening condition, a curable illness or a chronic disease. We employ our own experienced rehabilitation assistants, which enables us to offer a progressive, personalised and consistent model of care.”

The new care home also offers enhanced respite packages which offer “top-up” rehabilitation for individuals who have been through the rehabilitation process and are living back at home but want to maintain their independence and life skills.

Respite referrals can be made by the individual, a family member or a legal or medical professional.

For more information visit: www.christchurchgroup.co.uk.


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