The Pearl

The Pearl, Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014

Situated on the Kurfürstendamm, in West Berlin, The Pearl is the latest bar and nightclub to hit the city.

The venue opened in September 2013 and includes a fantastic bar and lounge area with plenty of room to dance, chat or to simply just relax.

The Pearl serves food and drink and has a great atmosphere, but what will instantly hit guests upon entry is the design which is decadent and captivating in equal measures. The design incorporates a great use of space, with carefully considered touches here and there, which really bring the venue to life.

Keen to find out a little bit more about this inspiring venue, Premier Hospitality caught up with Alex Kovatchev, Founder & Company Owner of IDEA, the creative design practice responsible for the architectural design work on The Pearl. In addition to providing the design work on the project IDEA was also appointed as project manager to oversee the entire scheme.

The Pearl, Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014

Founded in 2004, IDEA specialises in a wide array of projects from hospitality and leisure schemes to residential works set design and even yacht design. Before tackling The Pearl, IDEA previously worked on a number of high profile projects including Sin City Sofia, Nero bar in Murcia, DSTRKT in London and Freundenhouse in Marbella.

Discussing The Pearl, IDEA Founder & Company Owner, Alex Kovatchev, said:

“We were approached by our client to work on this project after they selected us from a list of eligible practices. We signed onto the project in May 2013, with work starting in August ready for a September opening. Although we encountered no major problems or delays on this project it was a lot of work to finish it on time and certainly had its challenges.”

Alex added:

“Since opening, the feedback for The Pearl has been very good. The venue has a great management team behind it and there is always a queue to get inside which is always a good sign of its popularity.”

Upon entry into The Pearl guests will instantly be greeted by a stainless steel tree which sits within the island bar and lounge. The lounge includes fixed soft seating with associated tables and sits in front of a small corridor which leads to the club, which houses a DJ booth and VIP area.

The Pearl, Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014

A significant feature of The Pearl is its vibrant lighting scheme, which is not only extremely imaginative and inviting it has also helped the project reach the shortlist stage at this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in the categories of Best Lighting Scheme and Best Decorative Lighting. In particular a fibre optic cloud which hangs above the stage is a truly unique feature and one which is the talk of the venue’s design.

Alex commented:

“Above the stage we have lighting which gives the appearance of a cloud. This is actually 540km of hand woven fibre optic wire which took quite some time to make.”

In addition to this, The Pearl has also been shortlisted in the category of Best International Bar. Being shortlisted in three categories for one project is a fantastic feat. Alex said:

“This is the third year we have reached the shortlist stage. Two years ago we were shortlisted in two categories with the District project, whilst last year we worked on Tequila in Bulgaria which was shortlisted for lighting. In total this year we had four venues entered into seven different categories, so we are overjoyed to make the shortlist again.

The Pearl, Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014

“It is great to be shortlisted because it is great media attention, but more importantly it is flattering as it helps us to get recognised for the work that we do.”

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