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Keystone Architecture

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

Based in Scunthorpe, Keystone Architecture is an architectural practice providing clients with a modern, innovative and professional service.

For the past two years, Keystone Architecture has been providing the construction industry with an extensive range of architectural and technical services, including planning applications, building regulation approvals, project management, CDM coordination and more.

Since its inception, the practice has worked on a number of key projects including the construction of a new residential property on Silver Street, Winteringham; the creation of Café INDIEpendent in Scunthorpe; and two LABC Award-winning projects in Burton-upon-Stather and Scawby.

Keystone Architecture’s work on the Scawby project involved the construction of a new sun room, office & gym and was very significant for the company as it gained recognition at last year’s LABC Awards, receiving a commendation within the Best Domestic Project category. More recently, Keystone Architecture picked up an LABC Award for The Avenue, a new build three-bedroom house in Burton-upon-Stather.

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

Commenting on The Avenue, Jon-Christopher said:

“The requirements of the client were to design a large dwelling which was modest in appearance when viewed from the road, and subservient to the neighbouring property. The property utilised the south facing rear elevation with large glazed openings and a sun room to maximise natural light throughout the house, providing a warm, light and airy feel.

“Although the new house has a modest and traditional exterior, the internal structure, layout and finish is anything but. The open plan layout, large openings to the Sun Room and bespoke, cantilevered staircase all required extensive structural input to provide the desire effect.

“High levels of insulation and the orientation of the living areas to the rear of the house, with their extensive glazing, make the spaces attractive for use all year round. The summer is enjoyed with large bi-fold doors opening fully to the outside patio space, whilst during the winter the sun keeps the rooms a warm, light and enjoyable place to be.

“The final result was a sympathetic new property which not only satisfied but exceeded the client’s requirements. The layout is modern, light and airy inside, and provides space for modern family living, linking the house to the entertaining space outside.”

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

The Silver Street project comprised the construction of a three-bedroom dwelling within a conservation area of Winteringham. Work began on the project in May 2013 and reached completion in March 2014, with James Smith Construction as the main contractor.

Speaking to Premier Construction, Keystone Architecture Company Owner, Jon-Christopher, said:

“The property on Silver Street was built in a conservation area, so was constructed in order to meet the specific requirements of our client whilst at the same time it needed to satisfy the local planning authority. Materials were quite important, so we used natural Lincolnshire limestone and natural clay tiles; however, we also introduced modern materials as well, including uPVC windows which were specifically sourced for the project. The windows looked just like timber and when the conservation officer arrived on site he couldn’t believe they were uPVC. It was little touches like this which really made this project work.”

James Smith Construction specialise in all types of construction work from new builds to renovations, with a few barn conversions under the company belt too. As the main contractor on the Silver Street project, James Smith Construction was involved in the project from cutting the first sod to moving in the client.

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

James David Smith of James Smith Construction, said:

This is not the first time nor the last time we have worked with Keystone as we have completed many jobs together in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending Keystone as I know the practice’s quality and service is what I would expect for my clients and myself. We already have plans for several projects together again shortly. Jon-Christopher has always been a pleasure to work with and I hope we maintain a long lasting business relationship.”

Café INDIEpendent is a café and music venue which opened its doors in February 2014. Since opening, the venue has received very positive feedback and has continued to prove popular with all who pass through its doors.

Jon-Christopher said:

“Café INDIEpendent was formerly a very large Co-Op building which we transformed into a café and music venue. The building was in quite a poor state, so we gave the site a significant refurbishment to create a very artistic and funky place to go.”

Woodworx was the main contractor on Café INDIEpendent. The project marked the first time that the company had worked with Keystone Architecture, but the contractor has since worked with the practice on additional projects.

Keystone Architecture, LABC Awards

Commenting about Café INDIEpendent, Woodworx Company Owner, Paul Lilleyman, said:

“The work ran well on this project. We have experience within this sector and we always enjoy working on the bigger projects, like this one.”

Paul added:

“We are currently working on two projects with Keystone: The Islamic Centre in Scunthorpe and a new-build housing project.”

Additional new-build and residential extension schemes for Keystone Architecture include Kingsway, Gainsborough Road and Silica Crescent. Kingsway and Gainsborough Road were completed in 2013, whilst Silica Crescent is currently in development and reaches completion during autumn 2014.

Kingsway involved extensive remodelling, including the erection of an extension to the rear and the renovation of rooms throughout the property. Walls were insulated and re-plastered, the kitchen and dining area was reworked, large glazed openings were introduced and the exterior was finished in a white render.

Working on the Gainsborough Road project was a similar scheme to Kingsway and was implemented to extend the house to more than double its original size. The project included the creation of new en-suite bedrooms, the installation of a heat recovery system and the introduction of a slide, which runs from the first floor down to the ground floor.

Jon-Christopher said:

“We tend to do large domestic work, where clients want either a large extension or an extensive refurbishment. The inclusion of a slide within the Gainsborough Road property was a great addition and demonstrated that quirky elements like this can be done.”

More recently, Keystone Architecture became involved with the Silica Crescent which is due to reach completion later this year.

Jon-Christopher said:

“This is a very large property, which has been designed almost as if it is upside down, so bedrooms are on the ground floor. There is a large open-plan kitchen and living area at the top of the stairs, with lots of glass throughout to bring in lots of natural light.

“The client was very much interested in doing something a little bit different, so for example, we have used recycled materials where possible, including rubber tiles which give the appearance of slate tiles. This has resulted in a better quality product in the long run and a very smart-looking property.”

Needham & Huteson Joinery & Build was the main contractor on Kingsway, Sterlin Developments was the main contractor on Gainsborough Road and Kevin Sissons is the main contractor on Silica Crescent.

Jon-Christopher said:

“Working on such a variety of projects is great. We don’t look to conduct quick jobs we look to work on interesting projects which either standout for their visual elements or because of their complexity. We always ask clients to tell us what they want and then we will come up with the correct proposal for them and that makes everything a lot more satisfying for everyone involved.”

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