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New adventure centre Zip World Titan is a haven for adrenalin junkies.

The newest addition to the Zip World brand Titan and Bounce Below comprise the greatest accumulation of zip lines anywhere on earth, as well as housing an amazing underground lair filled with industrial nets akin to a giant trampoline.

Zip World is part owned by Nick Moriarty who has vast experience in the adventure industry. We caught up with Nick to find out more about the newest addition to the Zip World brand:

“My background is one of constructing over 1000 adventure facilities around the world, in over 35 countries.

“My first site, Zip World Velocity, contains the longest, fastest zip line in the northern hemisphere which opened in Easter 2013. The newest site, Zip World Titan and Bounce Below, opened in June this year and comprises over 10 kilometres of cable as well as an underground mine filled with bouncing nets.”

Nick said that the construction of Zip World Titan was relatively straightforward as it was largely over open land than the zips at Velocity. It was the sheer amount of zip lines that were time consuming for the team. What makes this site unique is that guests can travel down each zip line as a group of four; four zip lines run parallel to each other on all of the course’s three sections, allowing visitors to enjoy the trip together.

The Bounce Below part of the site is sure to blow your mind; two enourmous chambers of the same mine have been exploited to create an awe-inspiring space where visitors can let loose. Nick said that his own company, Ropes Course Development, had to undertake the creation of Bounce Below as no other companies were up for the challenge!

The mine had previously been open to tourists for about 40 years who could travel through the tunnels on a train. In order to make the chambers safe, the RCD team fitted climbing bolts around the roof of the cavern which previously had not been touched for over 180 years. Abseilers then scaled the mine’s walls, from top to bottom to remove 300 tonnes of loose rock by hand in order to make the cave operationally useable.

Once the rock had been removed anchors were installed to allow each level of nets and walkways to be fitted. The nets have been made from industrial strength nets and were tied together to form three bouncing platforms which are connected by a series of net slides and a magnificent spiral staircase.

Each net in Bounce Below can hold up to 30 people at any one time making the space ideal for large parties and gatherings. Since opening, Nick said the feedback has been incredible for both sites:

“We are completely booked up all summer at both sites. Setting up my own adventure site has been tremendous; having advised others for years about what to build it has been great to be able to draw on all the experience I have to do it for my own firm.”

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