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Bramble Walk, Biggleswade, NHBC Awards

Bramble Walk, Biggleswade, NHBC Awards

A consortium site development primarily lead by Taylor Wimpey has recently been awarded an NHBC Pride in the Job Award.

The Bramble Walk site in Biggleswade has been in operation since 2010 and is set to run for a further three years, with developers acquiring more land on the site as time progresses.

Terry Mack, the Site Manager of Taylor Wimpey South Midlands portion of the site, is very proud to have been awarded the NHBC Award. We caught up with Terry to find out more about his involvement in the site:

“I’ve been here since February 2013 working on the second phase of the project. Taylor Wimpey North Thames, Taylor Wimpey South Midlands, Martin Grant and Persimmon Homes are all part of the consortium site which will have run for seven years by the time the project completes.

“Taylor Wimpey South Midlands are the fourth year into our build and have about another three still to go. We have so far built 200 properties, averaging about 50 a year, and we aim to have constructed over 300 units by the end of the development.”

The other developers are also constructing a plethora of properties across the site and so the development is an impressive one, spreading from the outskirts of Biggleswade to the adjoining village of Potton.

Bramble Walk, Biggleswade, NHBC Awards

The site comprises private properties as well as social housing and ranges from two, three and four bed houses to flats and apartments. All of the units in build have sold and so the development has been extremely popular in the area.

Taylor Wimpey has acted as the consortium leader during the project, controlling and managing the Taylor Wimpey South Midlands site’s subcontractors, as well as undertaking all of the design in house. Terry said:

“We were issued the drawings from head office and we use those to construct the different house types. There will be 30 different house types to build during the life of the development; there have been some challenges because of the new house types. For example we have just completed building some flats which had challenging balconies on them and so we had to design and build as we went.

“There are always challenges to get over when building new structures but we have worked through issues as we have encountered them and it seems to be going well so far.”

Terry added:

“Winning the NHBC Award is fantastic for me; it is also a great thing for the whole site team. Personally it is a great honour to be voted one of the top 400 site managers in the country.”

The second phase of the project is due to complete by 2016.

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