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Opso Restaurant, Marleybone, London

Opso Restaurant, Marleybone, London

 Greek restaurant chain OPSO has recently opened a new venue in Marleybone, London which has wowed diners with its mixture of traditional and modern Greek dishes.

Works on the site on Paddington Street took just four months and has seen the two floor venue transformed into an intimate eatery.

Own Developments worked as the main contractors during the project alongside K-Studio architects. OPSO Ltd appointed Own Developments to manage and execute the design and construction of the new venue. Own specialises in development and construction of bespoke residential and commercial properties and so were ideally placed to undertake this project.

The all-day casual dining restaurant covers an area of approximately 2000sqft as well as boasting outside seating around the building’s façade that will seat approximately 40 covers.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Maria-Afroditi Tsianti, the General Manager at Own Developments, to find out more about the project. She said:

“Discussions regarding the project began about two years ago when the restaurant’s identity was developed. OPSO found its home in Marylebone after a long search of the London real-estate market in November 2013, with construction beginning in early February 2014.”

Opso Restaurant, Marleybone, London

With regards to the construction process Maria told us that the aim was to restore the original features of the property. Initially the building was completely gutted and reduced to its structure, retaining the original façade. New plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems were installed throughout and the walls and floors were stripped before being re-surfaced.

The property comprises an array of timber window frames and doors, all of which were restored as part of the renovation process.

Design wise the new OPSO reflects the chains theme; ‘Greece inspired, London made’. Materials and design elements typically found in old Athenian eateries are combined to give the space its unique environment.

Kavala marble, Terrazzo flooring, oak panels and brass accents have been comprised with the newly restored shell of the building providing a clear nod towards Greek establishment’s, despite the venue’s UK postcode.

The building’s interior walls have been renovated with polished plaster and the structural steel beams have been cleaned and polished. Using traditional Greek methods handmade Terrazzo floors have been laid on both levels, as well as on the surrounding pavement area outside.

Kavala marble has been installed on floors and walls and hand painted tiled murals designed by artist Joanna Burtenshaw are situated on the walls.

On the exterior of the property years of layered paint have been stripped from the facade revealing beautiful wooden framed windows that have been restored and protected. The facade has also been painted in a warm grey-blue and traditional awnings of a dark blue-black canvas were installed along with brass wall lights and a tiled fascia.

Landscaping works have also been undertaken outside the venue as well. The pavement has been treated with the same traditional Terrazzo technique used internally, to lie flush with the general pavement level. Planters and outdoor seating have also been installed.

Opso Restaurant, Marleybone, London

A custom kitchen has also been installed in OPSO which has been designed collaboratively by Chefs Georgiana Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos, and the kitchen building company XENEX. Built from scratch the kitchen acts as an impressive feature piece of the entire restaurant.

Custom made furniture can also be found throughout the venue and has been designed and built by London based furniture company Another Country along with Mogensen chairs. Handmade terracotta pendant lights have been dotted through the venue, dangling above special customised dining tables.

Unique clay pots, made by Weston Mill Pottery, also feature in the restaurant having been inspired by traditional Greek clay yogurt strainers. They are intended to be used as wine coolers, cutlery holders and planters and will be placed on the steel shelving.

OWN Services Ltd acted as the Mechanical and Electrical Consultant during the project, with Michael Alexander Consulting Engineers acting as the schemes Structural consultant. The on site team did encounter some challenges during the project due to the venue being located in a residential area with a high footfall. It was therefore key that works were undertaken in the targeted timeframe in order to avoid disrupting local people. The team also made sure that all necessary safety measures were taken throughout.

Some of OPSO’s other venues include Carpo London, a chocolate and coffee store on Piccadilly Street in London, as well as Roots & Bulbs; a new cold-pressed juice bar on Thayer Street in London’s Marylebone.

The restaurant operates on a breakfast, brunch – lunch mode, for tea and coffee until early evening and is open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays until late evening providing flexibility for diners across London.

Opso Restaurant, Marleybone, London

Digital Ceramics

 Tiled Space is owned by Digital Ceramic Systems, who specialise in printing digital images on a wide range of ceramics. A shareholder of the business owns a patent for the development of the ceramic toners that allows the company to print high resolution images into the surface of the glaze of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Having traded successfully for ten years, Digital Ceramics launched Tiled Space, as a subsidiary business offering the design and production of bespoke tiles for commercial projects. Tiled Space was created to provide interior designers and architects with a service that allows them to design their own tiles specific to the project.

Premier Hospitality met with Special Projects Manager, Mark Wood of Tiled Space, to find out a bit more about the company.

“We wanted to create a bespoke establishment whereby architects and interior designers could design their tiles precisely how they want, rather than having to select and buy off a shelf. That is how the project with Opso unfolded, they wanted features in the restaurant so the designer fashioned the concept of the lovely wall murals and when producing them we gave several free ones, in addition to supplying all of the plain tiles. We deliver a complete package.”

HO-3-6-F1009 Opso Restaurant (3)

With agents in Scandinavia, California and Saudi Arabia, Tiled Space has an extensive list of previous projects that have taken place all around the world. Examples include supplying the floor tiles for a project at Princeton University in the U.S, working on the signage in the London Underground and various restaurants in London, America and Australia.

Mark Wood commented:

“We pride ourselves on quality. Everything we do is inspected at a senior level, technical quality is extremely important. The nature of the projects we are involved with, means it has to look perfect. We are very conscious of customers’ expectations and what they want to achieve, so we strive to meet these expectations and deliver beyond them.”

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