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The Red Lion House, Mayfair

The Red Lion House, Mayfair

A site located in Mayfair which was formerly a public house known as the Red Lion, has now been converted into a residential property by main contractors GPF Lewis, with the help of sub-contractors and architects.

The developments began in 2012 and lasted for duration of 18 months, having now been finalised and sold onto a client of the owners’.

We caught up with Quantity Surveyor of GPF Lewis, Jake Colliss, to find out a little more information on the project.

Jake said:

“We had previously worked with the developer and they were very keen for us to do the project. The conversion encompassed a three level basement extension; we dug down about 45ft underground and installed three levels which included a swimming pool and sauna, gym and cinema room.”

The project produced a singular, plush house, integrating five bedrooms and numerous facilities. The construction of the site involved demolishing the entire pub except the façade, and GPF recreated the Red Lion sign which they were asked to do by Westminster City Council as the property is in a conservation area.

The Red Lion House, Mayfair

Main materials utilised included a concrete box for the basement, brick and block work walls and a lot of lavish high-end materials such as marble and stone for bathrooms and certain areas. Walk-in wardrobes and bespoke doors have been placed in the building to add to the luxuriance of the house.

There is no garden with the property however a swanky roof terrace is situated to enable residents to admire the views and sit outside to enjoy the sunshine with a few drinks or spot of lunch.

The company were given a full brief, with the assistance of architects Squire& Partners and an interior designer that held a full set of sketches prior to construction. GPF then brought on specialist sub-contractors such as the specialist marble and stone sub-contractor who worked closely with the design team to produce the accurate finishes.

According to Jake, the project ran fairly smoothly for GPF and the other establishments involved, however it was logistically challenging digging underground three storeys with quite a tight site, especially with the notion of not fully knowing what was beneath the foundations of the building. The contractors dug so deep that they could hear the underground tube passing!

The Red Lion House, Mayfair

Jake added:

“The feeling of receiving a certificate from the architect once the job is complete is very satisfactory and the difference between what we started with and the final result is extraordinary. It was a lot of hard work and late nights and dealing with various companies but we all stuck together as a team and managed to produce something successful that the client was happy with.”


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