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Capuccino Coffee House, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2, London

Capuccino Coffee House, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2, London

The premium coffee house and kitchen, Ca’puccino is a quality new addition at The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2.

The 140 cover Italian diner has delivered a unique concept to the Airport, drawing together a contemporary and chic coffee house and a signature restaurant that also offers a fresh ice-cream and chocolate bar and a children’s area for families.

Founded by shareholders Giacomo Moncalvo and Maurizio Raviolo, Ca’puccino has 11 other venues situated in the finest cities in Italy including Rome, Milan and Bologna in addition to four other UK sites. Similarly, the new Terminal 2 venue features interiors from renowned Italian furniture designer Monica Lupi and Italy’s Costa group, presenting a unique ‘hybridisation’ concept in the take away area with its neighbour WH Smith, ensuring that books and newspapers are on hand to customers.

Ca’puccino is a synthesis of the ‘made in Italy’ excellence, reflecting the good taste, authenticity and elegance of Italy and Italian food and drink. Each individual venue is located in a prestigious area, reinforcing the lavishness and extravagance of the brand. The design interior is inspired and combined with the diverse menus on offer, delivers an exceptional cultural journey around the different regions of Italy.

Featuring a number of the company’s signature Italian book displays, the interior design creates a sense of elegance and spaciousness, replicating the indulgent colour tones of a classic cappuccino. Features include a bespoke four-seat high table with mounted iPads and a space than can be adapted to suit the event, where food demonstrations, chocolate master classes and book signings are planned.

Capuccino Coffee House, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2, London

A first to the airport is the introduction of six cold brewing towers where Ca’puccino’s exclusive single origin coffee is filter brewed with iced mineral water over a lengthy eight hour process. This means there is a range of smooth flavoured iced coffees if customers fancy something sweet and a little different.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Chief Operating Officer, Sofia Dimen, to find out some more information on the project. Sofia said:

“In line with our heritage we have sourced the best of everything from Italy in our fixtures, fittings and interiors. We live and breathe ‘made in Italy’ from our handmade wood, glass and stainless steel counters to our luxurious leather armchairs and unique fibreglass statement lampshades.

“We have worked extremely hard making all our key operations and assets as sustainable as possible. Being able to create one space with many moods in such a large and prominent location has been very exciting for us, and we have worked hard to ensure that the passenger journey is as convenient and as relaxing as possible.”

Capuccino Coffee House, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2, London

Sofia added:

“Our partnership with WH Smith has been extremely fruitful and we are excited to see how people respond to our Ca’puccino Espresso concept with the hybridisation area for newspapers, magazines and books. This convenience of coffee and newspapers in one transaction in an airport environment will no doubt be a winner.”

Ca’puccino’s well-known coffees that are available in the coffee house include regional specialities much loved by all generations of Italians, for example Caffé Bicerin originating from Turin in the Piedmont region, which is made with espresso, dark hot chocolate and steamed milk. Another renowned coffee is the Caffé del Professore from Naples in the Campania region, executed with espresso and hazelnut cream with a whipped cream top.

For travellers on the go, the take away area Ca’puccino Espresso offers a wide assortment of snacks to go with a take away tea or coffee, such as Italian Panini filled with the finest of ingredients, salads, soups and freshly baked focaccia. A variety of desserts conveniently packaged for ease are also available from the take away area.

Capuccino Coffee House, The Queen’s Terminal, Heathrow T2, London

One major feature that is apparent in every Ca’puccino is the pasticceria, and in the new airport location there is a tempting selection of fine hand-made pastries and desserts from hand filled cornetti to mouse torta. Once again these snacks have ingredients which are authentic for example hazelnuts from Alba in the Piedmont region and lemons from Amalfi in the Campania region.

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