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Success in Shafton Road

Shafton Road Scottish Water , Glasgow

Shafton Road Scottish Water , Glasgow

Scottish Water has completed an environmental improvement project which has tackled the issue of flooding in the Temple area of Glasgow.

The £1.9 million improvement project has seen the Shafton Road waste water network altered in order to reduce the risk of flooding in the area, where more than 60 properties have experienced recurring flooding problems.

The Shafton Road project forms part of a £250 million, five-year programme of work Scottish Water unveiled in February 2013 aimed at improving river water quality and the natural environment of the River Clyde. The large investment is also aimed at enabling the Greater Glasgow area to grow and develop, alleviate sewer flooding, as well as deal with the effects of increased rainfall and climate change.

In order to minimise the risk of flooding in the Shafton Road area a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) has been installed on the trunk sewer of the waste water network in the Summerston area of Glasgow.

The CSO, a piece of equipment designed to spill in heavy weather and allowed to do so under SEPA regulations, took approximately six months to complete. The CSO, now completed, will protect the Shafton Road area from flooding during prolonged storm conditions by preventing the water levels in the sewer from reaching flood levels.

Before the project started, Scottish Water carried out detailed investigations into the flooding in the Shafton Road area which included using computer modelling to ascertain why the flooding was occurring. Test showed the recurring floods were caused by capacity issues in the sewer network. During storm conditions or heavy rainfall water flowed into Shafton Road when nearby sewers flooded the local network at Strathblane Gardens and Anniesland Business Park.

Mr Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s regional communities team manager, said:

“Scottish Water is committed to doing everything we can to help communities and customers by playing our part in tackling flooding and dealing with the impact of heavy rainfall.

“Some properties in the Shafton Road area have suffered from recurring flooding over a number of years and we fully appreciate the inconvenience this can cause. We know that affected customers will welcome completion of our investment in these improvements to our network.”

Works were carried out for Scottish Water by contractors George Leslie Ltd.

Across Greater Glasgow, Scottish Water continue to work with the Metropolitan Glasgow Strategic Drainage Partnership (MGSDP), Glasgow City Council, SEPA and others, on a number of significant projects to improve the natural environment, help reduce the risk of flooding and support the economic growth and development of the city and surrounding communities.

Together, these initiatives will help Scottish Water play its part in the success of the Clyde Gateway’s regeneration programme.

Premier Construction caught up with Ross Macleish, project manager at Scottish Water, working on the Shafton Road Flood Project to find out what the scheme would mean to local people. Ross told us:

“Over the past 10 years there have been up to sixty different houses flooding in the area; 27 internally and 35 externally. Following the completion of this project people in the area will be able to sleep at night with no fear of heavy rainfall of downpours.”

Kijlstra, Europe’s leading precast drainage manufacture, were appointed by Scottish Water as one of its framework suppliers, and supplied contractor George Leslie Ltd with CSO chambers, headwalls and kiosk bases in various sizes since the programme got underway at various sites of the Glasgow Environmental Programme, including Sharston Road.

Steve Gainsley, project manager with Kijlstra, explained some of the benefits of opting for a precast solution.

“Where time is critical and the potential for disruption to traffic or the general public is high, it pays to minimise the time spent on site. Ideally, the contractor wants to dig the hole, install the unit and restore the site in a few days. If you’re using in-situ concrete, you’re talking weeks, rather than hours or days to construct a CSO chamber. The flexibility of our production equipment meant that we could change a panel size and keep the weight low to enable construction using a George Leslie Ltd excavator.”

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Operating from several locations in the UK, IDS_. is an established industry leader, providing single sourced solutions within the fields of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control & automation and telemetry engineering. The company has been in operation since April 2012 and over the past two years IDS_. has helped its industry clients benefit from enhanced performance while lowering their environmental impact using efficient and sustainable systems.

IDS_. fields of expertise include hazardous areas, PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers)/ SCADA, telemetry integration, electrical engineering design, bespoke panel build, installation & commissioning, project management and preventative maintenance. The company is also a forerunner in the field of renewable energy integration, utilising combinations of solar, wind and fuel cells as power sources for traditional applications.

The company’s primary client is Scottish Water, where it has a number of high profile projects, including its latest programme A1ba Control Solutions to deliver the Scottish Water MCC Catalogue for standardisation and the Scottish Water Energy Reduction Programme.

On the Shafton Road project, IDS_. provided the control kiosk, containing control panel, telemetry, instrumentation and power supply to site, as a plug and play design. All elements are ready for connection to a power supply and designed for immediate operation.

IDS_. Control and Automation Manager, Kirsty MacKenzie-Hirst, said:

“Standardisation is a major efficiency for our client and it is vitally important to support them in this and to continue to identify opportunities to improve.”

Kirsty added:

“At IDS_. we pride ourselves on our ability to be respected, trusted and valued by all.”

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