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Refurbishing Sesswick Pumping Station

Sesswick Pumping Station near Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham

Sesswick Pumping Station near Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham

A project to modernise and improve facilities at Sesswick Pumping Station near Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham, continues to make great progress.

Once work is complete, the scheme will provide Wrexham and the surrounding area with a reliable supply of raw water for treatment purposes, alongside a more secure pumping station which will be better flood protected.

The work is being implemented by Dee Valley Water plc, with Project Manager and Principal Engineer, Stephen Cavanagh overseeing the work. Keen to find out more about the project, Premier Construction caught up with Allan Reef, Capital Programme Manager with Dee Valley Water plc, who explained what has been taking place at the pumping station.

Allan said:

“The scheme is effectively three projects in one, with the first aspect designed to replace all four pumps. The 450kW pumps have a flow capacity of 52.3 million litres per day (MLD) when two of the four new pumps are operating. This aspect of the project was something which Dee Valley Water plc had planned for some time as we wanted to replace this aging asset with more energy efficient modern pumps.

“The second part of the project is the installation of improved flood defences. This predominantly comprises the installation of reinforced concrete walls stabilised with sheet piling, in addition to demountable defences for access in several locations. The final aspect of the project is the implementation of a number of security measures to prevent unauthorised access at the site.”

Construction began in May 2014 following Volker Stevin’s appointment as main contractor in December 2013. The project is currently scheduled to reach completion in October, with three of the four new pumps already installed and work to the flood defence well advanced.

Sesswick Pumping Station near Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham

Allan said:

“The site is quite a small site, so access is restricted and with civils and M&E work taking place at the same time, temporary access arrangements have been quite onerous. Within the pumping station the team also had to work adjacent to the old noisy pumps when installing the new pumps, which has been less than ideal with regards to working conditions. There have also been a few problematic underground works so it can be stated that the project has certainly had its fair share of challenges. That said the work has progressed as expected on what is a critical project for Dee Valley Water plc.”

With work nearing completion on the scheme, Allan discussed the importance of the project for both Dee Valley Water plc and the local community.

Allan said:

“The pumps were old, inefficient and presented limited flexibility for operational use and the replacement pump control will provide the flexibility we require giving energy savings to the Company. The pumps are also considerably more efficient so further savings will be gained from this. With regards to the improved flood defence works these are also critical as it will help secure the asset ensuring an uninterrupted water supply to customers during periods when the River Dee floods to its highest levels.”

Sesswick Pumping Station near Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham

Allan added:

“This has been an interesting project and will reinforce the supply of water to the local community. Whilst we have never failed to supply water, other than in isolated incidents as a result of bursts or maintenance work, the risk of it ever happening is now greatly reduced.”

Established in 1994, Dee Valley Group plc is the holding company of Dee Valley Water plc. Dee Valley Water plc is the licensed supplier of water for Wrexham, Chester and the surrounding areas. Chester Water and Wrexham Water companies merged to form Dee Valley Water in 1997.

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