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J.Rotherham - Family shot, Grandad
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J.Rotherham - Family shot, Grandad

J Rotherham, leaders in the design and creation of high quality stone masonry, was first established in the early 20th century and was founded by master mason Henry Rotherham. Suitably located on the former WW2, RAF Airfield, Holme on Spalding Moor, J Rotherham has 17 acres at its disposal, allowing it to expertly deliver high quality masonry for over 80 years.

Forging four generations of master craftsmen with an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation, J Rotherham welcomed its 3rd generation to the family business in 1973. Joe Rotherham Jnr joined his father and began to expand the company, developing its technology base and growing its reputation as a leader for high quality, bespoke marble, granite and stone projects. This led to J Rotherham buying several more local monumental masonry companies: Emersons, York / Tyas & Tyas, Doncaster / Pinders, Scarborough and Wrigglesworths, Hull.

Presenting an amazing heritage, yet remaining highly progressive as a company, J Rotherham is a rare breed, successfully designing, crafting and engineering luxury products with high commercial appeal. J Rotherham is one of the oldest and most respected stone masonry companies in the United Kingdom, delivering truly imaginative design with a superior quality that is second to none. Having installed the UK’s first robotic stone working CNC machine, J Rotherham can create free form masonry to virtually any shape or size, making way for highly innovative, hand-finished British designs.

Jamie Rotherham - Hand Sculpting Clay

J Rotherham’s architectural stonework, specialist sculpture and carving workshop is dedicated to a very high quality, hand finished workmanship. Its designers, programmers, masons and carvers have worked on projects of all sizes and it is this combination of traditional carving skills and modern technology that allow J Rotherham to achieve high levels of precision. Carving and sculpture can be a beautiful, eloquent means of expression and ornamentation but achieving the vision of the artist or architect often requires a rare or particular subtlety. J Rotherham’s team of carvers and masons have that skill and knowledge, working with sculptors, architects and designers to create exactly what is required.

With everyone becoming more globally aware, it is no surprise that J Rotherham has the very same ‘eco-conscious’ considerations. For example, a Turkish Limestone fireplace, made in China and delivered to the UK will travel up to 18,420 miles, whereas J Rotherham proudly boasts a carbon footprint comparison of only 180 miles from its UK Stone quarry to the J Rotherham factory! Considering the environmental and health effects of each product, from raw material extraction phase through to manufacture, J Rotherham presents a company that is 100% British, traceable and environmentally aware at a time when product lineage is paramount.

Est. 1927, J Rotherham’s critical eye to detail makes way for a comprehensive design service and exclusive product portfolio with precision aesthetics.

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