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Bourne & Hollingsworth

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London
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Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

Located in Clerkenwell, London is a new quirky retro bar named Bourne & Hollingsworth, just released to the public this month.

The venue is an eccentric addition to the area, with a gentry ambience and charming little features. Customers can visit for drinks and socialising, to order food in the restaurant or hire out the private function rooms.

The Bourne & Hollingsworth Group is a dynamic company that owns cocktail bars Bourne & Hollingsworth and Reverend J W Simpson, and runs renowned events the Blitz Party and the Prohibition Party. Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings now also combines all of the brand’s offerings under one roof with the arrival of this new venue.

Speaking to Director of Red Deer, Lionel Real De Azua, Premier Hospitality discovered a few details on the project. Lionel said:

“We were put in touch with the client through Louise Davies of Box Nine who had been working on the project previously. Louise’s expertise in interiors enabled us to work iteratively between the client, Red Deer and Box Nine.

The site consisted of a very large purpose built pub which had been converted into an Argentinian Steakhouse. Trying to couple the site restrictions with the brief of the client which was quite rigorous was quite a challenging task to carry out. However it was exciting to work on an interesting and individual building whereby we could be very creative.”

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

The site comprises two floors, and the interior design was laid out in a fluid motion to represent a flowing narrative to enable the customer to really feel as if they’re part of a story moving from room to room. This preconceived journey was created in order to present guests with a fascinating experience.

Upon entering the ground floor guests reach the main bar area and to the right the comfy lounge awaits in addition to the private dining room, which can be utilised for functions as well as whiskey tasting and gin tasting. That particular private hire room is complimented with a large floor to ceiling cabinet which holds a vast selection of alcohol, from in-house gin to whiskeys and fine wines.

At the very heart of the building connecting all rooms together is the eye-catching large cast, concrete bar, which wraps itself all around the central core of the venue, leading guests into the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant evokes an English colonial ambience to it, with the story of the site really coming to life in this room.

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

Leading from the restaurant is a series of dining rooms that eventually lead onto a conservatory greenhouse, which is also a dining area. There is also a room connected to the restaurant which offers a great view looking out onto the greenhouse and all of the scenery surrounding it.

Heading downstairs toilets are available for men and women, with the kitchen also situated in the downstairs area. Finally the club room is located downstairs, in place to be flexible and changing in terms of its design so that it can lend itself to various themes to keep things fresh and exciting. The company plans to change themes every month but still keep it within the overall concept of the restaurant bar. The club room can be hired out for private parties and celebrations.

The main contractor of the project was Structured London, ran by Laird Fitzpatrick, having successfully finalised all of the developments on time. Red Deer worked on the scheme as the architects alongside Box Nine, designing and creating the interior and providing the finishes.

Lionel added:

“We are quite a young company, we’ve essentially been operating for a year and half so to be given such an enormous assignment particularly with a client with this much attention to the design was a very challenging but very rewarding project. This project had some constraints due to budget which made it tricky but again this made it more worthwhile once we had reached completion.”

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

The bar is open 5pm-1am Monday and Tuesday, and 5pm-1.30am Wednesday to Saturday. For more information please visit:

Structured London

Structured London is a company specialising in construction works in all different sectors. Their contributions to Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings involved the complete refurbishment of the site from start to finish, including all of the building and construction works.

Concrete panels were utilised for the front of the bar providing a wooden effect, complemented by a stunning contrasting mosaic bar top. Structured London completed the look with the inlay of Bourne & Hollingsworth’s signage engraved in metal to the bar top.

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

Another innovative addition to the venue’s look was the combination of cheese cloth and plaster of Paris on the walls, a method that created a subtle and textured effect. The striking U-shaped bar in the heart of the space is the venue’s focal point, giving the area a sense of fluidity and bringing the rooms together. Structured London was also responsible for all of the steelworks involved with the restaurant.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Director of Structured London, Laird Fitzpatrick told us:

“We are a young company, having only been in operation for ten months now, however Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings was a great addition to the portfolio. We really enjoyed it.”

Previous leisure projects undertaken by Structured London include the restaurant Hide and Seed, situated at the Lodge Hotel in Putney, where works involved construction on the bar and restaurant areas. Other developments in the commercial and residential sectors have also been completed elsewhere.

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Clerkenwell, London

Laird added:

“This project has been very important to us and a great opportunity for us to showcase our talents. As an Aussie builder in the UK, I enjoy working on projects that allow me to showcase not only strong skills and attention to detail, but also lateral thinking and innovative techniques. In this venture, we weren’t providing the standard bar and restaurant finishes that are often replicated in other venues, but we were instead able to produce new design aspects and be creative.”


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