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Le Peep Boutique, nightclub interior, Mayfair, London. Architect Nick Leith-Smith, London’s Park Lane

Le Peep Boutique, nightclub interior, Mayfair, London. Architect Nick Leith-Smith, London’s Park Lane

Le Peep Boutique, a members’ club, restaurant and cocktail bar inspired by the glamour and theatrics of 1920s Paris, recently launched on London’s Park Lane.

Through its stunningly creative design and innovative illusions, made possible through cinematic technology, Le Peep Boutique transports its members to the golden era of indulgence, elegance and good times.

The new club occupies the ground and basement floor of the Marriott Hotel, and has been created for owner Mark Alexiou, of the iconic Coco Club in Verbier and the global club brand, Pangaea.

Nick Leith-Smith Architects created the identity and overall concept behind the brand, as well as being responsible for the interior design of the new space. Main Contractors for the project were WFC Contractors.

The architect has created a journey through a superbly crafted Parisian streetscape within the club, past windows filled with the silhouettes of Javanese puppetry and flapper girl dancers.

Le Peep Boutique is set up as a series of individual areas, which cumulatively build to create a masque-like atmosphere, revealing inner circles, theatrical flourishes and hidden zones.

The principal staircase down to the basement rooms has been styled in the form of a mirrored birdcage, with elaborate ironwork rising up around the steps and framing the transition between floors.

The design then takes the guest on a journey through a series of spaces, each with its own unique identity.

Bold lighting, elaborate forms and high quality materials are used extensively, from the custom-built leather banquettes and seating booths through to the sparkling glass chandeliers in the bathrooms. Bespoke illustrated wallpapers, baroque mouldings and patterns add layers of detail and depth.

The sophisticated sound system throughout the club has been created by electroacoustic experts, d&b audiotechnik.  These world leaders in music systems have ensured that the venue is equipped with the latest technology for live performances and globally celebrated DJs.

Le Peep Boutique, nightclub interior, Mayfair, London. Architect Nick Leith-Smith, London’s Park Lane

Nick Leith-Smith commented to Premier Hospitality:

“The Le Peep concept is based on the exoticism of the era of the1920s Paris theatre peep show, creating a fantasy world of illusion and a journey of discovery.

“The spatial concept is governed by what the basement space can deliver within the restrictions of site, which include lots of spaces located underneath arches and various secondary spaces which we had to incorporate.

“The theatre theme starts the moment you enter and descend the very dramatic mirrored staircase hung with trapeze artists. You the come down into a streetscape on the basement level, with shop fronts leading into spaces with very different characters – always with the feel that there is a different space around the corner.

“These spaces include ‘Salon Rouge’ – themed on the decadence of the Moulin Rouge; ‘The Boudoir’ – inspired by the little hangouts in Montmartre; ‘The Secret Garden’ – themed around the pleasure gardens of the time, and the ‘Paper Theatre’ inspired design of the club bar, which plays on creating the illusion of whether the observer is the performer or part of the audience (the bar front is designed in the form of a theatre balcony).

“Everything in the club is bespoke – for example, we designed the furniture and the wallpaper. In terms of modern technology, the club incorporates London’s first first LCD ceiling; smart glass in the main window and video screens behind the mirrors in the WCs – all adding to the surreal experience. There are also lots of stages for performers throughout the club.

“Feedback on the venue so far has been great,” he added.

The dinner menu, devised by Christian Coates, a leading nutritionist to the stars, is a 21st Century twist on traditional Parisian street food.

Purple potato frites and sharing platters stacked high with flaked tuna gallettes, aubergine caviar and green tomato jelly are two of the dishes created for the restaurant. All ingredients are sourced locally, hand-picked by Christian for their nutrients and seasonality.

Behind the bar, vintage champagne cocktails are poured by the glass. Members are invited to indulge in a selection box of home-made macron-inspired cocktails, in pistachio, chocolate, rose, citron and almond flavours.  Every cocktail is made from fresh, whole ingredients.

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