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Lakehouse Contracts

Lakehouse Contracts

Lakehouse is an asset and energy support services group, focused on customers and their communities.

The group make a difference to people’s lives by constructing, improving, maintaining and providing services to homes, schools and public buildings.

Lakehouse’s manifesto is their commitment to customers. The group work with customers and their customers to build solutions that make a difference to the lives of all concerned. The group is here for the long-term. Their relationships are to grow through many generations and they want to see communities thrive.

Lakehouse build impact through the depth of their expertise and bring the expertise that they know their customers want them to deliver.

The group’s approach is customer-centric – everything they do revolves around their customers’ needs and they never get distracted from this.

Lakehouse believe in building to last – both in terms of the quality of their work and the strength and depth of the relationships they develop. Their expertise is leveraged for every job and their specialists share their knowledge with the group’s customer-centric teams, who in turn share new ideas across the business.

The group is committed to its customers, and its priorities and success are determined by the impact of its work on end users – residents, teachers, students, doctors, nurses and the general public.

Lakehouse keep it real. They are passionate about their work and make the most of every opportunity to make a difference to people and their communities.

The group was formed in 1988 by Chief Executive Steve Rawlings. Steve, along with some original employees are still involved in the business today. During the past 26 years the group has grown to employ over 1,250 people and turnover £300m.

Lakehouse has unrivalled experience in the management of improvement projects for homes, education environments and public buildings in six interrelated service areas: Development, Construction, Regeneration and Refurbishment, Repairs and Maintenance, Energy Services and Compliance.

The group has always been focused on making Lakehouse a single provider for all their clients’ needs and in the past four years their service offering has expanded through the addition of complementary services. They have acquired a number of successful businesses, enabling them to broaden their compliance and energy services offerings, and expand their geographical reach.

The Lakehouse Group includes the following specialist subsidiaries:

  • K&T Heating: gas compliance services.
  • Allied Protection: fire compliance services.
  • Foster: property maintenance services.
  • Everwarm: energy services.
  • H2O Nationwide: air and water compliance services.

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