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Paragon Management

Paragon Management

Paragon is a specialist fit out and refurbishment contractor focused on integrating, understanding and delivering to meet their clients’ and their professional team’s project expectations.

Paragon’s service approach is ‘simply delivering what you promise’. This is an attitude of mind and is at the core of the company and its employees.

The company’s simple and holistic approach to daily business is proactive, non-confrontational, professional and clearly communicated.

Paragon believe that every client’s needs are greater than their own, and are totally focused on client satisfaction. They believe that construction is a logical process and by applying simple procedures, their skills can be tailored to any type of project or sector of the market.

The company pride themselves on closing out projects in a clean and well-managed way, leaving no outstanding issues. This enables the company, their clients and their supply chain to continually improve and move forward.

Paragon’s values are centred on supporting people and organisations to manage change – helping to create improved environments where people work, live and meet.

Everyone has a voice, so the company listen and encourage openness. They value all views and opinions, welcome discussion and treat people as they themselves would want to be treated – with respect and patience.

Whatever the task in hand, Paragon believe that everybody can and should take pride in a job well done – a job undertaken with care and done to the best of their abilities.

Doing the right thing means not accepting ‘that will do’, and not walking by when one could make a positive difference. The right thing also means the safe thing and the sustainable thing.

The company is all about believing they can do better. Asking questions, thinking differently, seeking solutions and creating ideas to support customers and adding value.

Because Paragon strive to develop long term repeat business relationships, the consistent high quality of their product and service is considered essential.

Paragon is registered for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, thereby enabling them to offer simple and effective management systems, which are known, understood and operated by all members of staff.

By anticipating and reducing risks, and eliminating and self-rectifying defects during the construction phase, Paragon know that they will safely complete to the desired level of quality, be on budget and finish on time.

The company is committed to developing a proactive safety culture across the full range of their activities and aim to ensure that none of their employees, contractors, or the people who interface with their operations, become injured or made unwell by any work practice.

Paragon set annual targets for reductions in accident injury rates, time lost associated with injury and work-related illness and for senior management inspections on site, as well as health and safety audit scores.

Their health and safety policy document is discussed and reviewed by the board and signed by the division director.

Formal safety management systems are implemented across all of their operations. These systems provide appropriate guidance to deal with the range of risks encountered by their employees and supply chain.

Proactive management of health and safety is delivered with programmes of health and safety competence and awareness training, delivered by Paragon’s in-house teams and external providers as appropriate.

Managers have the responsibility for delivering health and safety on site. They are trained appropriately and are supported by a team of full-time health and safety professionals, including specialists in occupational health.

In addition, every employee has a responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues. Employees receive relevant health and safety training and are encouraged to take proactive action and address unsafe conditions or work practices.

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