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The Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Ground Source Heat Association

Ground Source Heat Association

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) is a UK-based association which was set up to encourage the growth and development of the ground source heat pump industry.

The GSHPA makes presentations to promote the industry and co-ordinates its work alongside government and related trade associations and organisations to strengthen the industry.

Through its work the GSHPA promotes the efficient and sustainable use of ground source heat pumps; raises awareness of the benefits of the pumps; and encourages high standards of training throughout the industry. In addition, the association has developed a set of ground source installation standards; and continues to lobby for the Ground Source Energy industry in all local, national and international matters.

The GSHPA recognises the need for industry standards in order to both grow & develop and to maintain an industry reputation. The standards are therefore drawn up by the association in order to help designers and installers of ground source systems, as well as engineers, architects, contractors and subcontractors.

The GSHPA’s standards are not regarded as installation or training manuals; but instead are designed to provide concise information on materials and general specifications. The standards ensure that all installations comply with the industry as a whole and that contractors are employing companies who comply with these standards.

Standards include the Shallow Ground Source Standard, which covers horizontal ground heat exchange standards, and the GSHPA Vertical Borehole Standard, which focuses on closed loop vertical boreholes. The Thermal Pile Standard, meanwhile, covers all thermal pile standards including design, installation and materials.

A spokesperson for the GSHPA, said:

“The GSHPA has recognised that the ground source industry requires installation standards in order to define and maintain a high level of installation quality, protect the environment and maintain the reputation of the industry.”

All members of the GSHPA work within the association’s Code of Ethical Practice guidelines and all members are promoted as the best choice for ground source heat services. Membership benefits include promotion and publicity; the opportunity to have input in the drawing up of technical standards; the opportunity to influence government policies through the lobbying association; and frequent communication with the association via monthly newsletters.

A spokesperson for the GSHPA, said:

“The GSHPA becomes a stronger voice for lobbying for the industry with each new member who joins. We welcome everyone aiming for high standards who serves the ground source energy industry and wishes to prosper with it, including consultants, suppliers, drillers and trainers, as well as installers of ground source energy systems.

“We welcome utility companies who supply the electricity that runs heat pumps – they have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy by supporting the high installation standards that the GSHPA promotes.

“We welcome local authorities who have an opportunity to demonstrate their desire to see new construction projects incorporating green energy technologies.”

In addition to keeping members updated throughout the year, the GSHPA holds a summer conference, with last year’s conference in London being viewed as a great success by all who attended. Highlights of the summer 2014 conference included key note speaker Andy Davey from the Department for Energy & Climate Change investigating the application of ground source technology.

This year’s summer conference is currently in the planning stages but attendees can expect another informative conference which provides all the latest information on the industry. The GSHPA is also involved in regular technical events and seminars and will be taking part in the Energy Now Expo in February and Ecobuild at the Excel, London, in March.

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