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Asda has over 525 stores across the UK and employs 160,000 staff across all of its stores.

In this profile feature we explore the superstores expansion over the last few years and find out more about Asda as it is today.

In July 2013 Asda unveiled its branch at St Nicolas Gate Retail Park on London Road, Carlisle. The new store opened its doors and its tills for the first time on July 15th 2013, and since its inception have been very popular with customers.

Originally the store was home to Danish supermarket branch, Netto, however as part of the transformation process the store was rebranded and given a new lease of life. The store also replaced a smaller, nearby Asda store, reinforcing and strengthening the brand’s position in the South of Carlisle.

Asda St Nicholas Gate covers an area of 36,000sq ft and includes a 4,000sq ft dedicated George department – Asda’s own brand of clothing. The shop was formerly a food-only store but now includes a bakery, home ware section, pizza counter and space for books.

Asda is a leading supermarket chain, being recognised for its low prices without any sacrifice to the products. Having spent an impressive £5million on the development, the store employed 140 people, which is a significant employment increase from the 25 positions that were required to operate the old superstore.

Contributing to the community is something which Asda takes seriously. The company contributes in several ways such as supporting and fundraising for local and national charities and volunteering and getting involved with local community projects. Asda also regards the environment as an important issue and follows certain sustainability strategies in order to protect the planet as best as possible.

Asda are trying their best to cut back the energy they use, as well as reduce their carbon usage across existing and new stores, their depots and the company transport fleet. The company is using more natural light in stores in a bid to cut the energy used in stores as well as using renewable energy to power their new low carbon stores.

As part of the Walmart Group the Asda team is reducing CO2 across their global supply chain. Asda are also lessening their road miles and becoming more travel savvy switching from road to rail, and have new double deck trailers to carry larger quantities of products.

The brand are also improving their products and replacing them with more environmentally friendly options in a bid to help customers be more environmentally friendly as well.

The Asda team is also very aware of tackling the issue of food waste and is working hard to ensure nothing is squandered. The organisation are proud of managing to stop almost 97% of waste being thrown away and have also co-chaired the IGD working group seeking to reduce supply chain waste.

Asda have also set up a project with FareShare, the national charity committed to fighting hunger. In light of this the supermarket chain sends surplus stock from their distribution centres to FareShare depots. From there, they can be distributed to over 900 charities, where it’s cooked and served to people who really need it, meaning that perfectly good food does not go to waste.


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