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More Handles
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More Handles

More Handles is an online and shop-based retailer specialising in the supply of door knobs and handles. The firm stocks an extensive array of products, from designer door handles and cabinet door knobs, to mortice and rim door knobs, as well as door furniture and door accessories.

Catering to both modern and traditional tastes More Handles enable clients to decorate their home in the exact style they choose.

A spokesperson for More Handles, said:

“More Handles employs people with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We’ve taken all of this experience and channelled it into our online store and our Carlisle based store. Both arms of our business are efficient and well stocked. We’re round the corner from one of our biggest suppliers.

“We’ve got great standing relationships with our extensive suppliers, which include Carlisle Brass, Samuel Heath, Turnstyle Design, Eurolite, From The Anvil, FTD, De’Leau, Ludlow Foundries, Delamain, Steelworx and Frelan Hardware.

“Thanks to our developed relationships with these suppliers we’re able to stock more than handles. We offer window fittings, hinges, hooks, locks, knobs, catches, numerals, letterboxes and much more. If you don’t find anything you want in our extensive back catalogue then you can use our bespoke service. Our onsite manufacturing department means that we are able to interchange our backplates and handles so that your desired look is achieved.

“We’re experienced. We’re knowledgeable. We’re helpful.”

More Handles keeps its range of products modern and relevant by constantly updating stocks giving customers almost limitless options to create the exact look they want in their homes. The firm’s Bala Door Knob and Atlantis Door Handle both come in a variety of finishes; however if these do not tickle customers fancy then the firm stock an innovative range of glass handles and knobs that come in stylish and eye catching designs.

The company specialises in architectural hardware and so knows their products better than anyone else. More Handles can work with clients from changing one door handle, to assisting with an entire architect-designed new project.

The firm uses all of its experience and channels it into the online store as well as their Carlisle based store. Together, the two different facets of the business combine to present an easy way to serve customers’ needs.

The firm also has extensive sections on the following products; handles, locks, switches and hardware. If customers are unhappy with their purchases they are offered a full refund less the cost of delivery.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on More Handles’ website, then feel free to have a chat with the company about your needs on 01228 516516.


Frelan Hardware Ltd

Established more than 40 years ago, Frelan Hardware Ltd is a second generation family-run business, specialising in the provision of cost effective door hardware solutions for use by architectural ironmongers and the builders’ merchant trade.

Frelan Hardware Ltd works closely with nearly every national and independent merchant in the country and tailors solutions to meet individual’s requirements, from bespoke designs to multi-market packaging and beyond.

Dave Fidler of Frelan Hardware Ltd, said:

“More Handles are a great company to be involved with, approachable and always open to new ideas. The company has been a valued customer of ours for nearly ten years – being a London based company it’s great to have such representation across the north of the country.

“We look forward to another ten years of success and growth.”

Dave added:

“Being a family run business we understand the importance of the supply chain and our part in it. Frelan Hardware Ltd strives to meet and exceed the demands of an ever expanding market.”

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