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Tattu: The art of design

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester
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Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Located within Manchester’s thriving retail and restaurant district, Spinningfields, Tattu is an intriguing new restaurant focusing on contemporary Chinese cuisine, from brothers Adam and Drew Jones.

The restaurant – which opened in May – takes its visual inspiration from body art, showcasing exceptional design detail as well as a truly captivating menu.

Covering an area of 6,000 sq ft, split across two floors, the restaurant includes a glass-fronted walkway; full-sized cherry blossom tree and a stunning ‘woven’ ceiling. Tattu is a progressive venue, with a design that promises to change throughout the year, reflecting the seasons along the way.

Keen to find out more about the new restaurant, which is currently taking Manchester by storm, Premier Hospitality caught up with brothers Adam and Drew, to discuss Tattu’s unique offering. During the discussion, Adam and Drew explained the origin of the Tattu concept; what makes the restaurant so special and what the future plans are for the brand.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Managing Director, Adam Jones, said:

“Our aim for Tattu was to create one of the most visually stunning venues in Manchester and this is why we paid such a great deal of care and attention to ensure all the details were perfect during the construction stage. We wanted to make certain that we had the correct concept and design for the restaurant before we launched, creating a venue that would provide a truly unique experience to the UK dining scene.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

“Fashions and trends change, so for Tattu we wanted to create a look that was permanent, almost timeless. After much consideration we decided that body art as a visual inspiration was the perfect choice for what we wanted to achieve. Body art is, after all, a lifelong commitment.”

Drew, Marketing Director, added:

“The great thing about body art is that every piece is individual – it’s a piece of art unique to its owner. There’s so much variety, from design styles to artist’s technique, and the end result is something that lasts forever. That’s why body art is the perfect concept for our restaurant – Tattu will always be permanently unique.”

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Adam said:

“Tattu is a concept that myself and Drew came up with and the name is actually the combination of two influences brought together. Initially we looked at the Samoan word ‘tatau’, meaning ‘to make a mark on something’, which describes what we intend to do with this new restaurant – we want to make our mark on the industry. Secondly, we wanted to highlight the most important factor of our concept and that is “U” (you). You the customer, you the member of staff and you the individual; Tattu is a celebration of individuality. Creating an exciting brand is one thing, what will really bring Tattu to life will be all the people involved. This restaurant provides a distinctive personal experience, so we wanted this to be reflected in the name.”

The food at Tattu is innovative Chinese, with an emphasis on Dim Sum. The menu has been designed and overseen by London-based executive chef Andrew Lassetter. Both the head chef and head dim sum chef have been sourced from the renowned Hakkasan Group, responsible for many of London’s premium and most celebrated Asian restaurants including Hakkasan, HKK, Yauatcha and Sake No Hana.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Accompanying the food menu is an extensive cocktail list, providing guests with imaginative concoctions that will appeal to a wide variety of palates. The beauty of Tattu is that it is for everyone, as Adam explained:

“Everyone that comes through the door receives the same welcome and exceptional level of service from our friendly staff, regardless of whether it is their first or tenth visit.”

The concept for Tattu has been in development for four years, with both Adam and Drew conceiving the idea whilst working together as owner/operators of a leased bar. Operating someone else’s concept gave the duo a real taste for the industry, but highlighted the fact that they had a great deal of creative energy, which they wanted to channel into their own venture.

Drew explained:

“Around four and a half years ago we ran a bar in Liverpool together, which we took on as a 12-month lease. This was our first insight into the industry as owner/operators and it was a tough yet rewarding experience that taught us a great deal.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

“We’re both very creative people, and we work well as a team, so working at the bar got us thinking about what we could really achieve if we owned a place of our own and this led to where we are now with Tattu.”

In a move designed to ensure Tattu could carve its own place within the hospitality sector, Adam and Drew specifically wanted the restaurant’s design to move away from the more industrial interior layouts that have been cropping up over the past few years, in favour of a more refined look. Tattu makes use of rich mahogany wood, brass polish finishes and black marble, with no exposed mechanics found anywhere throughout the venue.

Drew said:

“We wanted to create such a unique experience with Tattu, so we knew we needed a layout and design that could fulfil this. We also wanted both floors of the restaurant to be very different, to visually excite the customer as they move through the space.”

A hidden gem within Tattu is the restaurant’s private area – the Tattu Parlour – that includes its own separate entrance. This exclusive space will officially launch later in the year.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Adam said:

“Tattu Parlour is the most opulent area of Tattu, with cherry wood panelling and floors, as well as specialised leather seating with a variety of bespoke designs. Visually, it is so interesting. It will provide another dining experience that will be different to anything else in the North of England.”

Wilmslow Building was the main contractor on the project. The company worked alongside a team of subcontractors to bring the venue to a successful completion, proving to be an invaluable team for Adam and Drew.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Adam commented:

“The team from Wilmslow Building were beyond incredible, they were perfect. Due to the personal nature of the project, we wanted to work with a more bespoke contractor who worked with us every step of the way. Every day we had interaction with our team, which was priceless. We couldn’t have asked for a better contractor.”

With Tattu already receiving excellent feedback, Adam and Drew are looking to develop the brand, with plans to take the concept further afield.

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Adam said:

“The next plan for Tattu is to take it to London. We would like to develop Tattu into an international brand, rather than just a national one, so London is the best place to start before taking it abroad to the States and beyond.

“Manchester is a city, growing at an unbelievable pace, which we are more than familiar with, so it has been an excellent starting ground. When we do head to the Capital we will be looking to change the design, creating a new Tattu so that each venue retains its uniqueness, maintaining our concept of permanently unique.”

For more information about Tattu, please visit:

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Wilmslow Building Ltd

Wilmslow Building Ltd specialise in fit-out works for range of sectors, from retail and leisure to pharmaceutical, housing and school projects, but with a specific focus on bar and restaurant schemes. The company has been in operation since 1998 and within this time has worked on a number of high profile projects, including Seven Bar and Restaurant, Lucha Libre, wagamama and many more.

Recently Wilmslow Building Ltd was appointed as the main contractor on Manchester’s prestigious Tattu, working on the project from a very early stage in its development.

Wilmslow Building Ltd Company Director, Ged Nolan, said:

“Tattu has been a very important project for Wilmslow Building Ltd to be involved with and one which is all about showcasing quality. During the works we have introduced many new features, such as the rope ceiling – which is the first one I have ever seen – as well as numerous stunning finishes.”

Tattu, Spinningfields, Manchester

Ged added:

“At Wilmslow Building Ltd we pride ourselves on quality, cost assurance and working to tight budgets and deadlines.”


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