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Connolly & Fee Ltd: In the spotlight

Connolly & Fee Ltd: In the spotlight
Written by Roma Publications

Connolly & Fee Ltd: In the spotlight

Based in Co. Tyrone and situated on Annagher Road, Connolly & Fee Ltd is an expert building contractor with a reputation for delivering quality and excellence in the construction industry.

The company works across a broad range of sectors, from commercial, education and healthcare projects to social housing and refurbishment schemes and hands over high quality works each and every time.

In addition to the aforementioned works, Connolly & Fee Ltd also undertakes work on Listed buildings, where it handles projects very sensitively. The company pays great respect to the unique history of each building and structure, with work completed as would be expected of projects of this nature.

Connolly & Fee Ltd has a list of accreditations to its name, including NHBC, CEF and The Chartered Institute of Building. These accreditations demonstrate the contractor’s commitment to its craft as well as highlight the importance of the company’s desire to meet industry standards and guidelines.

In March 2015, Connolly & Fee Ltd secured a £2.8m deal to construct 28 brand new homes, as part of a major new development in Dungannon. Connolly & Fee Ltd is acting as the main contractor on the housing project – undertaking work on behalf of Helm Housing – and will be looking to deliver the houses with a range of fixtures and finishes.

The new development – designed to meet the needs of housing requirements in the Dungannon area – comprises 21, two-bedroom apartments as well as seven single room flats. In addition, the innovative scheme will also include underground parking for the properties.

During the construction works Connolly & Fee Ltd is providing the local area with a number of employment opportunities. This aspect of the project is being conducted as part of the Department for Employment and Learning’s Steps to Work programme and signals the contractor’s desire to support local areas with employment opportunities where possible.

Chief Executive for Helm Housing, Michael McDonnell, said:

“We are delighted to appoint Connolly & Fee as the contractor for the Sloan Street development and see work on construction of 28 new homes begin.

“This is a significant investment of £2.8 million by Helm Housing and the project will help play a part in easing housing stress in the Dungannon and South Tyrone areas.”

Work on the Dungannon housing project is scheduled to reach completion in December 2016. Once the project is complete the development will provide good quality accommodation for up to 77 people.

For further information about Connolly & Fee including the services that the building contractor provides, please visit: or email: Alternatively, please call Connolly & Fee on 028 8774 0515.



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